Gronk to become a WWE superstar?

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April 21, 2017 by adamburt13

Rob Gronkowski and Jinder Mahal square up during WWE’s Smackdown Live. (Courtesy of WWE/Twitter) 

Written by Adam Burt

Rob Gronkowski, aka “Gronk,” has been an absolute machine for the New England Patriots since coming into the NFL in 2010. The two-time Super Bowl champion and four-time Pro Bowler is arguably one of the best tight ends to ever play, but it is no secret that when Gronkowski gets downtime, the man is always looking to have some fun.

Whether it’s touring on his party bus, going on cruises or even interrupting press briefings at the White House, Gronkowski is always making people laugh. He recently went viral for making appearances at WWE wrestling events. But some may ask ‘how was it Gronkowski got involved with all of this?’

One of Gronkowski’s best friends is current WWE Superstar “Mojo Rawley,” who has recently broke out as a rising talent for the company. Rawley and Gronkowski met through Gronkowski’s brothers who played football in Maryland with Rawley.

Gronkowski has always been a wrestling fan but got more involved when he found out his buddy Rawley was going to start training at the WWE performance center to be involved in a developmental promotion known as NXT. After training in NXT, Rawley broke out when he was finally called up to the main roster to be apart of WWE’s Smackdown Live.

Just before the WWE’s biggest pay-per-view event of the year, “Wrestlemania,” Gronkowski posted an Instagram video where he and Rawley were training and Gronkowski was hyping him up for the “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.” This is a match where 30-plus superstars battle to be the last man standing.

Gronkowski attended the Wrestlemania match in the front row ringside to support Rawley. Towards the end of the match WWE Superstar “Jinder Mahal” approached Gronkowski eye-to-eye and threw Gronkowski’s drink all over him. Gronkowski then hopped over the barrier and entered the ring to assist Rawley to victory.

Following Wrestlemania, Gronkowski showed up on Smackdown Live at the TD Garden to get revenge where he threw his drink in Jinder Mahal’s face.

With his outgoing and energetic personality coupled with his love for the industry, some think Gronkowski would be a perfect fit for wrestling after his football career. Rawley was asked about the possibility and he said to stay tuned.

With multiple injuries including one this past season and lots of rehab, Gronkowski remains focused on getting back to top shape to play football and it isn’t in his future to wrestle any time soon. But when Gronkowski finally decides to call it a career from professional football, he may just put his foot in the door for an opportunity in the sports entertainment industry. Because when most of us think about Gronkowski for his sports accomplishments, we also usually bring up the entertainment factor he provides us with.

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