Ranking baseball’s best stadiums: 10-6

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April 26, 2017 by squish

Written by Ryan Delaney

#10 PetCo Park (San Diego Padres)

Most people will either love this park or feel indifferent about it. It never seems to get any hate, and there’s really no reason it.

It has an excellent design with a fantastic background of the San Diego Skyline. I do think the shape is a little strange, however, and it seems like the fans in the outfield can easily lose focus on the game with everything that seems to be going on behind the centerfield seats.

I’m also not a fan of the warehouse in left field and the skyline seems just a little too close for my liking. Otherwise it is a very great ballpark.

#9 Dodgers Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers)

These California teams seem to know what they’re doing with multiple stadiums in the top 10. Most people will have Dodgers Stadium a little higher, but I have here because where I think it great in beauty, but lacks personality to the park.

It just seems really plain to me. I am a big fan of the California hills though, and having them as the backdrop behind the outfield seats is my dream as a sports fan. Also, looking from a reverse angle you’ll see the city down the hill.

I do think it is just a little too big for a baseball stadium, but overall it is outstanding. One last thing, the parking situation is supposedly one of the best in all of professional sports stadiums.

#8 Target Field (Minnesota Twins)

One of the newer stadiums in the MLB and the Twins did an unbelievable job with it. After having one of the worst stadiums in all of sports in the Metrodome, they now have one of the best.

The stadium is a perfect size with a good set up of seats in the outfield. The only problem I have with it is the shape is a little off because of the one awkward section of the wall in right center and the seats actually hang over the wall on to the field in straight away right.

This is fine because the twin city skyline makes up for any places the stadium lacks. Beautiful ballpark.

#7 Coors Field (Colorado Rockies)

Coors Field will normally be overlooked when you think about great stadiums because the Rockies have been so bad for so long, they actually have an amazing ballpark out there in Denver.

This a stadium where they didn’t too much; they did just enough. There’s really nothing excessive that stands out, but it’s not too bland at the same time. It’s just an overall nice stadium.

I do really like the extra deck high up in straight away center and the mountains would be a plus if they were visible from a normal view, but you have to peer over the left field wall to get a good look at them.

#6 Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs)

Wrigley seems to get a lot of love and I’m not as high on it as some people might be. It is the second oldest park in the majors and I think it really shows when you watch a game there.

The facilities they have are not quite what you would considered state of the art, but the history outweighs all of these drawbacks. Obviously the ivy is an awesome touch and I also think what’s underrated is the addition of the roof top seats across the street. I still don’t understand how you can see very well from there, but that’s fine.

Just seems like an awesome experience overall. The shape is pretty solid except for the jut-out in the corners which seems strange, but this park no doubt one of the best you’ll ever see.

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