Ranking baseball’s best stadiums: 25-21

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April 26, 2017 by squish

Miller Park was completed in 2001 as a replacement for Milwaukee County Stadium.(Courtesy of Getty Images)

Written by Ryan Delaney

#25 Progressive Field (Cleveland Indians)

It’s no surprise that you didn’t see the Prog sold out until this past season when the Indians finally made the playoffs again. Cleveland is king of the bandwagon cities and it was on full display in 2016.

Continuously one of the lowest in the attendance ratings in the MLB and now it was packed once the Indians began winning. The design of this stadium is awful and it shows with the awkwardly sized wall in left field. Also, the so called “home run porch” in the left is placed in foul territory.

#24 Citi Field (New York Mets)

Citi field is only a few years old so it is a very nice stadium. However you can’t expect to have a great stadium when you are continuously changing the distance of the walls in the outfield.

It is a step up from Shea Stadium where the Mets played up until 2009, but for a new stadium it was not designed very well and is really just boring, a lot like the product the Mets put on the field.

#23 US Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox)

The Cell, which was actually recently renamed Guaranteed Rate Field, but because that name sucks I’ll refer to it as US Cellular or the Cell.

I’ve been to the Cell and it is actually a very nice stadium, however it is in a terrible area of Chicago and really has nothing exciting about to attract fans. It also doesn’t help that the team hasn’t had much success over the past decade, but the stadium just doesn’t seem to have any personality to it or it would’ve been higher on this list.

#22 Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers)

This is another park that will probably be higher on other lists, but I like to speak the truth. Domes are just very hard to perfect in baseball and I don’t think a lot of the ones that are currently used in the MLB work.

I don’t necessarily hate this park, but I also have never liked it either. The Brewers aren’t very good and the shadow from the roof always seems to give the field a very dreary look when watching games on TV.

It isn’t a very aesthetically pleasing park along with the fact that it’s hard to tell when the wall ends and the stands begin, which is something I can’t stand about some major league parks. Not to mention the most exciting thing about it is the slide in left field.

#21 Nationals Park (Washington Nationals)

This is another one of the new parks that failed to really impress the fans. With the Nationals being a newer team, the park is somewhat new as well, but the design really lacks any originality to it and the park doesn’t seem to have much personality.

It’s much too big for the amount of fans that normally come to Nats games. Washington is tough city to have a sports team because no one is really from there and it is more of a business city.


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