Ranking baseball’s best stadiums: 20-16

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April 28, 2017 by squish

Minute Maid Park opened in Mar. of 2000 and holds 4 1,676 spectators. (Courtesy of AP Photos)

Written by Ryan Delaney

#20 Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros)

This park is going to fall into the don’t love, don’t hate category. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on it and I can understand why. This park is probably the one that has the most things I like and dislike about.

I think it’s a really nice design of a park with the taller wall in left field, the pillars in left center holding up the train tracks and the train on the left side. I don’t like how there is a hill in center with a giant flag pole in the middle which makes literally no sense and serves no purpose to be on the field at all, but I believe that are going to get rid of it this season which is a plus.

I also think the stadium is much too big for a low payroll team like the Astros. On any given day you’ll notice that the upper deck will almost be completely empty.

#19 Marlins Park (Miami Marlins)

I do like a lot of things about this park, but it isn’t a place I would want to go for a baseball game on a consistent basis.

There’s too much going on in the outfield and it just looks like a circus act with all the colors and nonsense in center. I’m not even really sure what the purpose of all that is out there, but it just seems like the ownership going over the top to attract more fans, which they really haven’t done since they moved out of their old stadium.

#18 Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers)

This park I do actually like because I think it’s a really good place to watch a baseball game. The seats are positioned really well, the bush in center is a great touch, and has a great view of the Detroit skyline, however I hate the way the field itself is shaped.

They squared off the wall in left and right center, so the entire fence in centerfield is 420 feet from the plate which is much too big for a ballpark. I’d be fine if straight away center was 420, but having all of center that distance is too much.

Also, the right field wall is at an awkward height which I’m really not a fan of either. Otherwise this park would’ve been higher on my list.

#17 Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals)

This stadium seems to be loved around the league and I really don’t understand it. I think it’s because how the crown and lights in the outfield enhance the look of the park, but I don’t love it.

The park is very aesthetically pleasing, but that design really limits the amount of seats they can fit in the outfield. I love parks that have a lot of seats in the outfield so they don’t have to make the levels in foul territory too high. This is a very nice park, but I do think they could’ve done better with the design.

#16 Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)

This is the first park on this list that I actually really like. I love that there are big decks and seats in the outfield, I like the bricks in center and I like the view of the Philadelphia skyline over the centerfield wall. However, the overall design is a little boring and the left and right field walls are at a very strange in between height which, as I’ve stated before, I really don’t like.

Overall a good park, but the Phillies themselves have struggled lately. Despite this, fans still seem to go to games.


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