Is poor NBA officiating turning fans away?

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May 16, 2017 by adamburt13

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Written by Adam Burt

As I’m sitting here watching game seven of the NBA playoff series between the Celtics and Wizards, I find myself not as interested as I used to be. Most fans would be excited to cheer on their team during a game seven at home, but I find myself rather annoyed and more attracted to watching the Stanley Cup playoffs over my own hometown basketball team in a tough, physical series and here is why.

I constantly see diehard basketball fans talking and being vocal on social media bashing officiating and seeming absolutely dumb founded by some of the calls these refs make throughout the duration of NBA playoffs. But I sit here not surprised one bit, and it’s pretty much what the NBA has come to in this era.

The refs play more of a factor in these games than people realize. They need to figure out a line between what is just being a little physical in the heat of the playoffs and what it is overboard and actually deserving of calls compared to what is not.

Just constantly seeing guys drive to the basket barely getting touched and getting a free trip to the line every time isn’t appealing to me, as I’m sure it isn’t to basketball fans who grew up watching throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

What about the guys who constantly go out of their way to flop and look for a call? I see it everyday. The league and it’s officiating is making people cringe and turn the channel. If I wasn’t supporting my team who is still in the race, I’d be watching hockey playoffs or baseball.

The most exciting part of today’s NBA seems to be who might maybe win a game or two against Cleveland or Golden State in the playoffs? Or, who might actually have a shot to make a series interesting against one of the NBA’s player-built juggernauts?

This isn’t just a basketball thing as far as poor officiating goes but it shows up the most in basketball in my opinion. Poor officiating is taking over too much of the game across all sports and making fans upset. Does it sound like I’m a little pissed about basketball lately? Well…I am. If you’re not a hockey fan and your just as annoyed at awful NBA officiating as I am, or if your team is not in the playoffs and you’re still watching playoff basketball, give hockey a chance or go watch some baseball then thank me later.

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