Is Jimmy Garoppolo the future?

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June 18, 2017 by adamburt13

(Courtesy of Winslow Townson/AP)

Written by Adam Burt

Since being drafted in 2014 out of Eastern Illinois, Jimmy Garoppolo has undoubtedly made himself known throughout the league. Entering his 4th season as the understudy to Tom Brady, there’s no doubt the kid is well developed and is ready to be a starter soon.

Garoppolo, when given in game snaps throughout his young career thus far, has seen the majority of them when Brady was sidelined due to suspension. With those snaps he has totaled 690 yards passing, five touchdowns and zero interceptions. The stud also has two Super Bowl rings already which happens to be the same amount as Peyton Manning…just throwing that out there.

So like him or hate him, Patriots fan or not, you have heard of Garoppolo at one time or another. The man is the most popular backup in the world with arguably the best job in professional sports. Think about it, the man got drafted into a dynasty to learn from the best to ever do it in Brady and one of the greatest coaches of all time. Also while getting chances to showcase his talent with a great supporting cast to up his self value. So this situation really is a win/win for Garoppolo

The mindset on Garoppolo throughout this process was the chance that Brady would have walked away after winning his 5th Super Bowl or soon after. He would get to start for the Patriots under Belichick, but now Tom Brady has pledged to play through his mid to late 40’s. What does that mean?

Based upon his performance from when he was called upon, he now has upped his value enough to leave and get himself what is going to be a pretty luxurious deal with another team to start his days as a starting franchise quarterback.

Earlier this offseason there were trade rumors surrounding Garoppolo and Bill Belichick pretty much shot down those hopes down for other teams deeming Garoppolo untouchable in trade talks. Would the Patriots drop a $24 million dollar franchise tag next offseason to keep him around as insurance for Brady? Or do they just not offer and let the kid walk and test the market and continue to work with 3rd string quarterback Jacoby Brissett who also has some in game experience under his belt.

Regardless of what happens, Garoppolo is a stud and any team going forward is going to be lucky to have him. With Tom Brady having his plans set on staying put for a while I don’t see the Jimmy G era running much longer in New England after this season. Unless Garoppolo is planning on being Brady insurance for years to come, I’m not sure if we offer the tag unless Brady makes it clear he is close to his way out.

Whether we keep Jimmy or not I think he will eventually find great success as a starter in this league and could probably already be a reliable starting quarterback anywhere else that would need it.

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