WWE Money in the Bank results and rating

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June 19, 2017 by adamburt13

(Courtesy of WWE/Twitter)

Written by Adam Burt

Like all WWE pay per views they have their positives, and negatives that either pleases fans or leave them shaking their heads. This one had a little of both.

To start things off was a tag team match during the pre show between the Hype Bros and The Colons. In Zack Ryder’s first match back reunited with Mojo Rawley they hung on to take down The Colons with their finisher the “HypeRyder” for a feel good reunion. Your average fairly quick pre show match.

The main card started off with the match most hyped up over the past few weeks. The first ever Woman’s Money In The Bank ladder match. This was a match between Smackdown superstars Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Natalya, and Tamina Snuka. Many frustrated by the ending. James Ellsworth who was ringside accompanying Carmella, ended up interfering knocking Becky Lynch off of the ladder late in the match to grab the briefcase for Carmella dropping it off the ladder into her arms. Now this certainly was not the way most expected the first ever woman’s Money In The Bank ladder match ending. During a revolution of woman becoming much more powerful throughout the company many were displeased and are asking for answers. Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan and commissioner Shane McMahon took to twitter immediately to address the WWE universe.

Following the big ladder match was a mens Smackdown Live tag team championship match between the challengers, The New Day and the champions The Usos. In the New Day’s first tag team championship title match since being back it was a very back and forth exciting match which resulted in the Usos losing by a count out, making The New Day the winners of the match, but it didn’t earn them the tag team straps.

Next up was the Smackdown Live woman’s championship match. The debut of Lana as a wrestler looking to take down the Smackdown Live woman’s champion Naomi. Naomi went on to retain her title after crushing Lana’s hopes at becoming champion in her debut match. Physical match resulting in Lana losing by submission. Many thought that the woman’s money in the bank winner Carmella was going to cash in the same night she won by teasing middle of the match a cash in which just turned out to be a distraction and major tease to the crowd.

Big return happened as Maria Kanellis came back to shock fans after being gone for multiple years. She came out with her partner Mike Bennett who both announced that the “First Lady” is indeed back in WWE!

After the announcement the show moved on to the WWE Championship match between champion Jinder Mahal and challenger Randy Orton. Multiple legends attended the show front row including Randy Ortons father and WWE legend Cowboy Bob Orton. During the Middle of the match Jinder Mahals ringside company the Singh bros attacked Bob Orton  which led to Randy Orton attacking them and destroying multiple announce tables ringside. When he returned to the ring Mahal hit his finisher on Orton retaining the WWE championship.

The Fashion Police made an appearance next! As Breezango took on the Ascension in a tag team match where Tyler Breeze and Fandango took down the Ascension as they close down another case and head back to Smackdown Tuesday night with some momentum.

The Smackdown Live mens Money in the bank ladder match was the final match of the night. The superstars from Smackdown who participated in the match were AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Shinsuke Nakamura. One of the better matches on paper compared to past years with a lot of talent. As Nakamura entered 5th he was attacked before the match by the 6th entry Baron Corbin mid entrance. This resulted in Nakamura having to return backstage for medical assistance. But the match goes on and his match really featured some crazy spots all the guys in it  really put on a show. Towards the end Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hit again as he returned as Corbin was alone in the ring. But after multiple face-offs Baron Corbin won the match of the night winning the briefcase to take home to Smackdown Live.

So to wrap it all up with some thoughts. This is a pay per view wrestling fans look forward to every single year. And this years overall I feel was a letdown to many. The quality of all the matches was just average at best nothing special and it was somewhat saved by the main event. They hyped up the first ever woman’s money in the bank ladder match then had it go first to kickoff the main card with an ending that was very unpopular.

The championship matches for the most part weren’t anything special with little to no good spots but the last 30 minutes of the show during the mens ladder match stole the show, just about the only match I couldn’t look away from. If you’re not typically a fan of heel superstars this might not have been a very appealing pay per view for you but that being said I’ll give the 2017 Money in the Bank pay per view a C- would have been D range of the men’s ladder match didn’t save it at the end.

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