WWE Great Balls Of Fire: Predictions and Info, Part 2

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July 9, 2017 by adamburt13


(Courtesy of WWE)

Written by Carter Cotrupi and Adam Burt

This article is a continuation of “WWE Great Balls of Fire: Predictions and Info.” Read the predictions for the event below.


Neville vs. Akira Tozawa- WWE Cruiserweight Championship (Pre-Show) 

Carter’s Prediction: Unfortunately for Tozawa, Neville is still in the early stages of his grandiose championship reign over the cruiserweights. Austin Aries was the first piece to building up Neville as a powerful figure and all signs point towards Tozawa being another stepping stone in Neville’s chapter of cruiserweight history. Neville may have to pull off some heelish tactics to stop Tozawa from winning the match, but clean or unclean Neville will remain the champion.

Early rating: B-


Burt’s Prediction: I am also going to pick Neville to retain the cruiserweight championship. I’m a big fan of both of these guys personally, Tozawa brings a lot of energy for the crowd to feed off of that might draw fans attention more than usual. I’ve noticed many fans just can’t get into the storylines of 205 live, and how the cruiserweight divisions air time on RAW is being used as a bathroom break for most fans who just aren’t into it. But these two guys are both great in ring and should put on a decent match for the fans on a larger stage. 

Early rating: C+



Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass

Carter’s Prediction: After coming out strong and attacking Enzo again and again, even after it seemed like the two would reconcile, this match is favoring Big Cass to continue riding his momentum into becoming a full-fledged heel. I’m hoping that we can see a different side of Enzo in the ring now that he is a single competitor in the company. As for Big Cass, I think the only way to successfully draw out the rest of this feud is to defeat Enzo at Great Balls of Fire and build up the two of them in a charismatic David v. Goliath story arc. I loved these guys as a tag team and I can’t wait to see what the WWE has in store from them as individuals.

Early rating: B+


Burt’s Prediction: I really don’t know how they are gonna approach this match, but without question I’m taking Big Cass as the winner. They could do this as a squash where Enzo runs at him right off the bell, catches the big boot and 1…2…3… match over. Which i think would really irritate a lot of fans and get more heat on Cass going forward into his new heel solo path. Or they could somehow have Enzo hang in there and put up the fight of his life. In the end, loved these two as a tag, I think Enzo should be a cruiserweight to bring his mic skills and some excitement to that brand, but this match with Cass I just have no idea how they will approach it. 

Early rating: B



The Miz (with Maryse, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel) vs. Dean Ambrose- WWE Intercontinental Championship

Carter’s Prediction: I can say with the utmost sincerity that The Miz is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE today. In between cutting killer promos and drawing the most heat of any superstar on Raw, he brings importance and prestige to the Intercontinental Championship which has seen more love from fans and writers when it’s around his waist. To give the championship belt back to Ambrose at this point would be a waste of a storyline and would run risk of devaluing the IC that was once held by WWE legends like Eddie Guerrero, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels. With three people covering him at ringside, I think The Miz will have an easy time finding a way to cheat Ambrose out of winning the belt.

Early rating: B


Burt’s Prediction: I feel if the belt was to go back to Ambrose it would be a complete waste. All his runs with the strap have been the same, short tenured, and boring. HOT TAKE, I think Ambrose is one of the most overrated things in WWE today. Everyone loved the shield, but in my eyes as a solo competitor Ambrose isn’t funny/advanced on the mic, and some of his in ring tactics make me cringe. The Miz literally could be called one of the MVP’s of wrestling the past few years just from the numerous amounts of feuds he has setup, the in ring work, the heat he draws he is perfect at what he does and he absolutely makes the belt more prestigious. Miz wins this I can’t see them changing it over.

Early rating: B



Sheamus & Cesaro vs. The Hardy Boys- Iron Man Match- WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Carter’s Prediction: Clearly the Hardy Boyz top the list of the hottest tag teams on Monday Night Raw. They’re still riding out the nostalgia kick that came with their return just a few months ago. With so many heels holding onto the featured championships in the Raw brand (Brock Lesnar, Alexa Bliss, The Miz), it’s time for the baby-faces to win one and make the heels work to get the titles back. The more the WWE can expand on the Hardy Boyz’ legendary careers, the more value a team like Cesaro & Sheamus will get when they finally bury them. Hardy Boyz win on a last-minute pinfall to break the tie (I’m guessing each team will get two pinfalls each).

Early rating: B+


Burt’s Prediction: This is pretty much wishful thinking, and a prediction all in one. Cesaro and Sheamus have battled the Hardy Boys a few times now for the straps and in my opinion the feud needs to die down a bit. I’m gonna pick the heels and go Cesaro And Sheamus with a last second pin to put them over in the match. I’m hoping, but mostly praying they split the Hardy Boys and let them have their solo runs. Too soon? Yeah maybe but with Raw being the 3 hour show and a lot of storylines seeming flat it could help Raw become extremely exciting. 

Early rating: A


Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt

Carter’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt has become a joke due to WWE’s awful writing and poor booking. The writers spend so much time piecing together his unsettling half-sermon/half promos only to have him lose nearly every match he competes in. Upper management has tried to craft Wyatt as this Boogeyman-esque creep while expecting the fan pop that Undertaker had. On the other hand, Seth Rollins has been set back into the second tier while Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe have their time in the spotlight. If anything, this story arc with Wyatt is an excuse to have Rollins on tv every week. To have Seth Rollins lose to Bray Wyatt at this point would damage both superstars’ reputations even further. I’m predicting Rollins comes up with the win via pin fall and (hopefully) moves on to bigger and better things.

Early rating: C+


Burt’s Prediction: As a huge Seth Rollins fan this whole feud makes me upset. Not because of Bray because I love Bray Wyatt as well but Bray has done nothing, and is pretty pointless due to awful storylines he has been handed, feel bad for the guy. But since the injury setback to Rollins he since bounced back and beat Triple-H at Wrestlemania 33. That should have been the stepping stone to be back in the universal championship picture. But instead they selected Samoa Joe for the same reason many fans hate wrestling right now, because no one is beating Brock Lesnar until Summerslam and Joe is likely a main event jobber to pass time until Roman Reigns takes the belt at Summerslam, yea this whole pointless use of Rollins and others is due to the company being obsessed with Reigns. So I’m taking Rollins he wins this match, but they got to feel bad they even are putting a guy like Rollins in a pointless feud but Roman is the guy right now that the company is working around. 

Early rating: B



Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks- WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Carter’s Prediction: Although I love seeing Sasha Banks back on primetime, it would be too premature to end Bliss’ run with the title right now. Fans need some time to forget the disaster that was the kendo stick match at Extreme Rules between Bliss and the challenger Bayley. I think both women are great wrestlers and will put on a great match with the title on the line. However, I think Alexa Bliss will exercise her heel status and cheat her way to victory over Sasha Banks, leading to the next big feud in the Women’s Division.

Early rating: B+


Burt’s Prediction: This match is going to be very entertaining due to the fact that these are two of the most elite female superstars on the RAW side. I personally think that Sasha Banks is one of the best female wrestlers technically in the WWE if not the best if matched with the right opponent she can showcase her abilities with. Although Sasha hasn’t had a long tenure with a woman’s championship yet, I feel her time is right around the corner. I’m picking Sasha Banks to make history and become RAW woman’s champion in the first ever Great Balls of Fire pay per view. Then Alexa can get her rematch and it could fuel the big feud between these two going forward and into summerslam, hopefully where she can retain and actually have the long overdue lengthy title run Banks deserves. 

Early rating: A



Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman- Ambulance Match

Carter’s Prediction: As much as I would love to see Strowman get a glimpse of PPV momentum, recent history has shown how in-love WWE is with “the big dog”. Whether we like it or not, it seems that the writers have built up Strowman only to let Reigns topple him and appear even stronger. Because of the match stipulations, I have Roman Reigns countering Braun’s attempt to lock him in the ambulance and one final superman punch will send Strowman driving home in the stretcher.

Early rating: B-


Burt’s Prediction: To the fans who are sick and tired of getting Roman shoved down their faces every week, (Including Myself) I think it has a lot of hype going into the show with the expectation thinking that, oh Braun is going to get to go off on Roman. But reality is Roman is the number one contender for the Universal championship after this regardless so they aren’t going to make him look weak going into Summerslam. It’s going to be a damn shame they let Roman yet again bury a monster who has been tearing up the locker room week in and out. 

Early rating: C-



Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe- WWE Universal Championship

Carter’s Prediction: You can say that I fall into the camp of wrestling fans who believe that the time to give Samoa Joe the Universal Championship is now. Brock Lesnar is a powerful, intimidating figure to hold the title, but everyone understands he is a part-timer. The situation has a similar feeling to Joe’s feud with Finn Balor back in NXT. Joe was determined to get the NXT Championship off Balor and he did just that. I think the Universal Championship deserves that same level of dedication and commitment which means that Samoa Joe, after a hard-fought battle, will finally make Brock Lesnar tap out in the ring to the Coquina Clutch.

Early rating: A-


Burt’s Prediction: Samoa Joe is without a doubt in my top 10 superstars the company currently has. I fell in love with Joes WWE character when I was there to witness the title change hands at a house show in Lowell Massachusetts at NXT Live where he took down Finn Balor. It is very rare to change the strap at a house show that isnt televised but the reaction in a small venue sounded like a big time pay per view crowd in the moment. He just creates that big match feeling which is what we will feel Sunday when he takes on the beast, Brock Lesnar. Now the buildup for this feud has been unreal and for sure has everyone invested in this. But my pick for this match is for Brock Lesnar to beat Samoa Joe and here is my reasoning. Like I was talking about in the Strowman vs Reigns prediction, Roman is the number one contender for the Universal Championship at Summerslam. He’s “The Guy” that WWE pushes to the top week in and week out. They are going to want to make Reigns look as strong as possible against the best possible. I feel this Samoa Joe feud was good to keep people invested but Joe ultimately was just a placeholder in Brocks path to face Reigns at Summerslam. It sucks if that’s how it’s gonna turn out, I hope Joe wins and I’m wrong but regardless I feel this match is gonna be next level great. 

Early rating: A+

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