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July 23, 2017 by coachcarter717

Written by Adam Burt and Carter Cotrupi

WWE’s last PPV Great Balls of Fire, exclusive to the Raw brand, is a hard act to follow. The card was stacked with great talent and intense matchups. This Sunday, July 23rd, Smackdown Live will have their own PPV in WWE Battleground. On paper, Smackdown has the star power to match GBOF’s success but will the results be the same? Let’s look at our resident wrestling fans’ predictions for this Sunday.


Aiden English vs. Tye Dillinger

Adam: Ever since Simon Gotch was released from the WWE it seems management just hasn’t found an act for his former tag team partner, Aiden English. In this Pre-Show match against fan-favorite Tye Dillinger (aka “The Perfect 10”), I don’t see English gaining any momentum and topping Dillinger in this one. So, the Perfect 10 will win a fairly quick one.

Early Rating C-

Carter: It’s only a matter of time before English joins his former tag partner in the WWE unemployment line. The tipping point for The Vaudevillians was when The New Day completely dismantled their outdated gimmick on national television. As English heads down, Dillinger should rise up into more prominent feuds. Dillinger takes the win.

Early Rating: C

Main Card:

Sami Zayn vs. Mike Kanellis

Adam: This is a matchup that no one in the WWE universe wants to see (myself included). If Sami Zayn, a top-tier talent, doesn’t win over the boring Mike Kanellis, then he is doomed to fade into the crowd of misused superstars. Kanellis is only in WWE because of his lover gimmick with Maria. He doesn’t need the win. I’m taking Zayn in this one.

Early Rating: C

Carter: I said it before and I’ll say it again: Sami Zayn is not getting the credit he deserves for all the work that he puts in on a weekly basis. Zayn was at his best in his continuing feud with Kevin Owens. The story between those two felt genuine and left the WWE universe satisfied when it ended. Mike Kanellis has no substance to his character. My rating is a reflection on how well I think Sami can carry this match on his shoulders alone. Zayn needs to win this one and bring this “feud” to an end before it begins.

Early Rating: C+

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin

Adam: I have a weird feeling this match will happen early on in the night. I feel like Shinsuke Nakamura is going to win, but without gaining a pinfall. This result will lead to Corbin coming out to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase later in the night to become the new WWE Champion. As far as match quality goes, I wouldn’t expect much. Nakamura wins without a pinfall.

Early Rating: D+

Carter: This is a tricky match to predict. In one corner, you have a rising star in Nakamura. In the other end, you have the MITB briefcase holder Baron Corbin. Neither star can afford a PPV loss which leads me to Corbin losing via DQ. Knowing his place as the briefcase holder, I think Corbin is going to get fed up with fighting Nakamura and keep his eyes on the bigger prize (WWE Championship). Regardless, both superstars have the talent to put on a thoroughly entertaining match.

Early Rating: C+

John Cena vs. Rusev (Flag Match)

Adam: Once again, we are back in another Cena vs. Rusev feud. This time, no United States Championship is involved, just both men fighting for their respective countries in a flag match. Since Cena has returned as a free agent, who knows what the future will hold for him beyond this match? Regardless, I’m taking Cena to win this match and expecting a whole lot of “USA” chants from the raucous crowd.

Early Rating: B+

Carter: Sadly, Rusev is stuck with the angry foreigner gimmick alongside current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. As the US Champion, Rusev’s gimmick worked for a while because he tore down any competition that came his way. Then along came John Cena. With no championship on the line, winning this match would do no favors for Rusev. I’m taking Cena with the clean pinfall and another victory for the USA.

Early Rating: B-

AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens (United States Championship)

Adam: AJ Styles recently won the United States Championship from Owens during a live event at Madison Square Garden. Although rare that the WWE switch a title belt at a house show, there’s usually a reason for it in the end. This match Sunday will be a classic in my opinion. Both guys are top-tier talents in the company with the experience to put on a great show. I think AJ Styles will retain the belt but expect a great match from both sides.

Early Rating: A

Carter: I expect this match to be the show-stealer. Both Styles and Owens have the flair and the athletic ability to craft a compelling story intertwined with incredible spots in the ring. You know Owens has been stewing over losing his United States Championship in a non-televised event. Like Adam, I predict that The Phenomenal One will pull off the victory this Sunday to set up for another showstopper at SummerSlam.

Early Rating: A

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte vs. Lana vs. Tamina vs. Natalya (Fatal 5-Way Elimination, No. 1 Contender)

Adam: Smackdown has failed to develop a solid storyline within the women’s division for the title currently being held by Naomi. So, why not throw the whole division into a match to find out who wants a title shot? My prediction is that this match will be a mess but with the potential for a few nice spots (like a Charlotte moonsault or something of that nature). I’m going bold and picking Tamina as my winner because it’s different and new.

Early Rating: C-

Carter: Adam basically said all there is to say. The women’s division on Smackdown right now needs a good shakeup and giving Tamina a title shot would do the trick. However, I’ll add a bold prediction with Lana being the reason that Becky Lynch gets eliminated. Then, the WWE will drag Becky back down into another pitiful “storyline” with Lana on the other side.

Early Rating: C-

The Usos vs. The New Day (Tag Team Championships)

Adam: Lately, this feud has been dragged out to its full potential in my opinion. They have had multiple encounters in singles matches between the two teams on Smackdown Live in previous weeks. The two teams have had multiple shouting matches on the mics including a hilarious rap battle segment where the two tag-teams went line-for-line roasting each other. But heading into SummerSlam, I am taking The New Day to win the titles from The Usos to finally start their run as champs on the Smackdown Live brand. They will look to host new competition for the bigger stage show coming up (SummerSlam).

Early Rating: C

Carter: Normally, I would agree with putting the championship belts on The New Day. However, there are simply no tag teams worthy of title contention outside of The Usos. The Hype Bros are heading for a split. American Alpha is done now that Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s illegitimate love child. Unless Shane McMahon really wants a push for The Colons, then the title belts are staying put with The Usos.

Early Rating: B-

Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton (Punjabi Prison Match, WWE Championship)

Adam: Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal will (hopefully) be having their last meeting of the current feud in this match. My prediction is this will be a long, tiring match for both superstars and will result in Randy Orton defeating the champion and winning the belt. However, I believe shortly after the match finish, Baron Corbin will run down and cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, quickly hit his finisher on a worn-down Orton, and shock the WWE universe to become the champ.

Early Rating: B+

Carter: I agree with the Adam’s prediction…to a certain extent. Orton will defeat Jinder Mahal because, like Cena, Orton’s hot-blooded American lineage just cannot be contained. Poetic justice is what I imagine the WWE writers are looking for when they book Orton to beat Mahal in his own “territory”. Unlike Adam, I do not think that Battleground will be the site of Baron Corbin cashing in his MITB briefcase. Maybe I’m thinking too logically, but the idea of Corbin breaking through the multiple layers of the Punjabi Prison’s structure from the outside is a bit farfetched (although, the WWE is quite fond of breaking reality). But hey, Kurt Angle has a son no one knew about until last week, so I guess anything is possible now.

Early Rating: B

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