10 players you should not over value heading into fantasy season

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July 28, 2017 by adamburt13

Written by Adam Burt

As the 2017 fantasy football season approaches, diehard fans have a numerous amount of player names going through their minds in preparation for draft time. Who to pick? Who not to pick? And when to pick them. Who may have an off year? Or who is the sleeper that will shock the world that nobody else is thinking about? Well let me offer my thoughts to you on who you might wanna take a second look at in your draft this year, some big names may not be worth all the hype you’re hearing about.

10. Golden Tate (DET)

Entering the post Megatron era for the Detroit Lions, a lot of fantasy football fans figured this was going to be the old reliable receiver for Stafford to utilize. Although breaking 1000 yards receiving in 2016, Tate only managed to haul in 4 touchdowns which is not great considering he’s looked at as the top receiver in the Lions corps. Actually worse than his previous season with Megatron still around. This partially due to other Detroit weapons such as running backs Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick being versatile receiving backs. Or Marvin Jones and Anquan Boldin taking looks away.

Regardless Tate is a guy ranked higher than guys like Terrelle Pryor, Julian Edelman, Allen Robinson and Michael Crabtree to name a few who all would bring much more value to your squad than the some what struggling Golden Tate.

9. Eddy Lacy (SEA)

Eddy Lacy is a guy that I have always shy’d away from in my fantasy drafts throughout previous years. Due to the fact that even if he was on a tear, he always seemed to end up sidelined due to injury. Now heading into this season there’s a lot of fantasy hype surrounding Lacy from what I have seen. Switching to Seattle the expectation from casual fans is, he’s going to be the next Marshawn Lynch. I don’t think this is the case.

Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise came out and showed that they could run a little bit last season. I’m sure Lacy will get the starting role and they will just be compliments to him. But one injury and it’s the Rawls show all over again. He has managed to meet his weight requirements so far this offseason so maybe he will come out and tear it up to start in better shape, but I don’t see him being a consistent workhorse for Seattle throughout the whole duration of the 2017 season.

8. Brandon Marshall (NYG)

In 2015 Marshall for the Jets had 1,502 receiving yards and 14 receiving touchdowns. Last season he followed that up with 778 yards and only 3 receiving touchdowns. Does this decline for such an elite player come with his older age of 33 and 10+ years experience? Or did it come with being unhappy of his playing situation with the Jets? Either way this year Brandon Marshall begins his journey with Eli Manning and the Giants.

Last season with low numbers and being the top target for the Jets you’ve got to think how is he going to do in such a deep Giants receiving unit. Trying to get his numbers along side Odell Beckham Jr. and the 2nd year target Sterling Shepard could be quite the challenge. With those two guys already being involved with Manning over the past few seasons and the addition of rookie tight end Evan Engram, I feel Marshall might drop even further in production in 2017 and won’t live up to his ranking among others in the upcoming fantasy drafts.

7. Tyrod Taylor (BUF)

Tyrod Taylor is a player I feel is overhyped by all of his fantasy owners. Not going to say he is an awful  pick, but in my opinion he shouldn’t be ranked in the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks over guys like Derek Carr, Ben Roethlisberger, or Dak Prescott just to name a few. He’s usually good for a few extra Touchdowns a year because of his rushing ability, but there’s guys who can rack up far more points that are outside the top 10 if you’re looking for your QB 1. Maybe a great guy to rotate into your lineup as a bench QB but be careful where you select him, his surrounding cast isn’t too special and he’s only been producing for a few years now wouldn’t rely on him as your first QB selection.

6. Mike Gillislee (NE)

Mike Gillislee was one of the many new acquisitions for the New England Patriots this off season. Last year Gillislee was able to rush for 577 yards and 8 touchdowns for Buffalo behind Lesean McCoy. This season I see a similar if not less amount of production from Gillislee and here is why. The Patriots are one of the now many teams utilizing the community backfield approach. Where 2-3 backs all share the workload as opposed to one guy doing it all. Being the new guy in the Patriots backfield he is going to be sharing looks with James White, Dion Lewis, and newly acquired back Rex Burkhead. For a RB1 or RB2 no Patriots running backs really seem like a week in week out fantasy workhorse.

5. Leonard Fournette (JAX)

The Jaguars newest rookie from LSU might be someone you don’t want to over value. Although tearing it up in his college days, not every rookie running back is going to come up and have the Zeke Elliott type of rookie season just because of previous college success. Fournette is a strong powerful back yes, but Elliott got drafted to run behind the best line in all of pro football, the Jaguars don’t have that type of surrounding cast or offensive front. Fournette may be worth a RB2, or flex spot but make sure not to  draft him too high as he is ranked in the top 15 fantasy running backs heading into 2017.

4. Martavis Bryant (PIT)

This upcoming season will be Bryant’s first back with the Steelers after serving his one year suspension from the league due to the substance abuse policy. His last full season with the Steelers (2015) he had 765 yards receiving and 6 receiving touchdowns. There’s no doubt that Bryant is a big physical playmaker for the Steelers but after missing a season, you have to question if he’s going to be able to knock off the rust to bring you the fantasy value he’s projected at.

Bryant will fall within the top 25 fantasy receiver rankings this season along side some elite company. It could be risky if you over value Bryant and select him as opposed to other players maybe ranked a few slots lower in projections. Just keep in mind if you want to use him as a WR2 or Flex in your weekly starting lineup that he is still going to have to compete with Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown who year in and out are really Ben Roethlisbergers go to guys.

3. Jamaal Charles (DEN)

Jamaal Charles in his glory days with the Kansas City Chiefs was one of the greatest running backs out there without question. But now in 2017 he finds himself starting a new chapter playing for his old division rival Denver Broncos. Due to multiple injuries Charles just isn’t the same player he used to be but refuses to give up getting back to that elite playing level. His past two seasons he combined for only 404 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns, while usually being ranked pretty decent.

I wouldn’t be fooled thinking the move to Denver is going to be what springs his career back into place. He’s likely going to be their second string running back on the roster behind CJ Anderson. If you’re looking for a solid RB2 or Flex for the weekly starting lineup, I’d look elsewhere for a player less injury prone and more productive.

2. Keenan Allen (SD)

Keenan Allen was sidelined last year for the season due to an ACL injury. He’s also a guy I’m going to stay away from in my fantasy drafts. Allen hasn’t had a 1000 yard season or a season with over 5 touchdowns since back in 2013 but still seems to be projected as an elite starter to have in fantasy by people who draft him. Now, Allen only being 25 years of age if he can stay injury free could be a great WR2 or Flex guy to have every week. But until he really proves the old Keenan Allen is back I’m staying away from him for the time being. Wouldn’t really want to risk it with a guy who hasn’t been able to stay on the field.

1. Adrian Peterson (NO)

Adrian Peterson Is a running back I am staying far away from this year. Not only because he’s on a new team in New Orleans, but because he’s a huge liability and is very injury prone. His role this upcoming season is to supposedly compliment Mark Ingram in the Saints backfield. This could be better for AP because while healthy before his injury in 2016 he didn’t really produce AP like numbers. Which makes me think if he’s that much of a liability in this stage of his career, is it worth it to draft him even though he isn’t a starter? I know I wouldn’t. Because I don’t see him surpassing Ingram as the starting back for the black and gold. Or really doing much with the opportunities he is granted throughout the season coming up. Look at him as a flex or bench running back as compared to a starting back or RB2 that you might select pretty high up in the draft.

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