Inside the war room: The Nosebleeds fantasy football league


September 7, 2017 by coachcarter717

(Courtesy of @adamburt13 / The Nosebleeds)

Written by Carter Cotrupi

Another NFL season is upon us and your friends here at The Nosebleeds are more than ready to tackle the gut-wrenching, heart-stopping, slam-your-head-through-a-wall fun that is fantasy football.

This past Wednesday night was the inaugural Nosebleeds fantasy football draft. In a 14-man league, there were bound to be some interesting picks and questionable decision-making across the board (like taking a kicker in the third round). These boys did not disappoint.

Our resident experts split a 4-pack of Busch lattes and it was off to the races.

I decided to interview some of the fantasy GMs in the league to pick their brains about draft strategies, player prospects, and who’s the team to watch out for this season.

Did you have a game plan going into the draft? If so, how effective was your strategy?

Adam Burt: “Well seeing how I hate yahoo and this is a 14 man 2 WR league I didn’t think of much of a plan except to wait and see what I could scrap up. Especially with pick 11”.

Michael Paige: “With this being my first draft I took it as an opportunity to feel it out. My only plan was to draft players and a defense who were consistent point makers and wing it on some bench players.”

Brock Johnson: “I wanted to take some risks on players with big upside but hedge the bets with more reliable backups. I think it panned out well, especially with getting Gillislee in case Mixon doesn’t work out.”

Shane Foley: “Well, once I found out I was 14th, my only strategy was 2 make the best 2 picks I could, cause I knew I would only have scraps left in later rounds.”

Jesse Pelletier: “The biggest thing I wanted to do was land a top-tier RB in the first round. With the 4th overall pick, I hoped Le’Veon Bell or David Johnson would be available but they weren’t. I switched gears and took Julio Jones and then selected Isaiah Crowell in the second round. Not what I hoped, but hopefully it pans out.”

Brian Mathew: No, I did no mock drafts leading up and tried to go for a running back early for a strategy (snagged Devonta Freeman in the 1st round).

Alex “Squish” Salucco: “With a 14 team draft I had to do things I have never done before. I don’t usually go for backup qbs, tight ends or defenses but I have to consider that because bye week options would be limited. It sounds cliché but I really just tried to get the best player available at the time to maximize talent with the league being so big. Also it was tough drafting 2nd and having to wait forever to draft again so I had to reach for a quarterback and a defense.”

Troy Eaton: “My game plan going into the draft was to load up on talent at WR. I felt as though it was a winning strategy for a deeper league.”

Were there any players that you had your eyes on going into the draft?

AB: “I’m a huge believer in Kirk Cousins I think he’s going to have himself a great season, had my eyes on the prize and landed him… you like that?”

MP: “The only player I exclusively wanted was Derek Carr who I picked in the first round due to the fact I think he can be a great generator of points if he stays healthy.”

BJ: “Obviously with the No. 1 pick I wanted David Johnson, but I looked to acquire Aaron Rodgers with my round 2/3 picks. Thanks to Mike Paige taking Derek Carr at 12 and not Rodgers, that panned out.”

SF: “I had my eye on Danny Amendola, but I couldn’t draft him [drafted 134th by John Avino]. I think he can fill in the Edelman slot well.”

JP: “Derek Carr, Kelvin Benjamin and Brandin Cooks are the three players I really kept my eye on from the beginning. Derek Carr went in the first round and Benjamin got taken 52nd overall, right before I was going to draft him with the 53rd pick. Brandin Cooks was off the board much sooner than I would have taken him, so I missed all three. I ended up with a solid receiver group and Drew Brees, so I’m not too upset about missing any of those guys.”

BM: Players I had my eyes on Derek Carr (drafted 12th overall by Mike Paige) and OJ Howard (drafted 12th round by John Avino).

AS: “I know I wanted to go after Kareem Hunt and Samaje Perine. With Spencer Ware gone Hunt has an opportunity to shut the door for the entire season. I wanted Kirk Cousins but with so many picks in between it was hard to judge when to go for a QB.”

TE: “I had my eyes on the two new faces in Baltimore. Danny Woodhead and Jeremy Maclin will be the top options in a Baltimore offense that has thrown the ball more than any other team the past two years.”

Who do you think was the best value pick on your team?

AB: “I wanna say the best value pick for me was Jack Doyle, now don’t laugh at the name. I got Jack Doyle in the 10th round. With Andrew Luck out Doyle could be a monster check down and red zone target, and also the sole starter in Indy with Dwayne Allen now a Patriot. Low risk high reward picks all day!”

MP: “The best value for me was Brandon LaFell for how late I got him (10th round) in the draft. He’s a great addition to my team.”

BJ: “My best value was with Rodgers at Round 3, 29 overall. He’s a sure-fire 15 points a game, with the chance to put up 30 even against solid defenses.”

SF: “Best value pick was definitely Adrian Peterson (6th round). Many experts had him low on their boards, but no reason why he shouldn’t have another stellar year if healthy.”

JP: “Jared Cook with the 193rd pick was, in my opinion, the steal of the draft. Anyone getting targeted by Derek Carr is going to have high upside, and with my #1 TE (Eric Ebron) questionable in Week 1, Cook is a reliable replacement. I won’t even be surprised if Cook becomes my #1 TE a few weeks into the season.”

BM: “James White (132nd overall, PPR ADP- 105).”

AS: “Samaje Perine in the 11th round was a solid pick I think. By week 6 he will be the starter in Washington when Kelley can’t perform.”

TE: “The best value pick on my team was probably Stefon Diggs. To get him in the sixth round of a 14-man league, I couldn’t have been happier.”

Who is the team to watch out for in The Nosebleeds fantasy league this season?

AB: “After looking over everyone’s roster I can’t seem to find anyone with solid depth, maybe because of the whole 14 team thing, but I’m going to go ahead and name myself if I can do that, for one reason…. Kirk Cousins to Terrelle Pryor!”

MP: “I believe Matt has the team to watch with his powerhouse offense of Brady, Brown and Fitzgerald balanced out with a decent defense in Pittsburgh.”

BJ: “It will be fun to see how Marlon Pitter’s auto drafted squad (SHAME) does this season. Could be a dark horse, could crash and burn.”

SF: “I thought Alex (Squish) had a great draft. He picked up Leonard Fournette, who people say will have a strong year. Plus Le’veon Bell means he might have best running back squad.”

JP: “The scariest team to me is John’s Team. Even with Zeke Elliot suspended, that team is nasty. Squish has one wild card: Leonard Fournette. If Fournette has a great season, Squish will have a really good year. Is Joe Flacco Elite? is not a very deep team, but I like the starting roster a lot. If they stay healthy, that team might have a good run. I think John’s Team, Squish, and myself (Wreck League) are the three best teams right now.”

(Formerly known as “John’s team.”)

BM: “Squish.”

AS: “Watch out for Brock’s team “Mixon a Water Joe” (killer name with a killer attitude). Brock drafted a guy who is a confirmed woman beater (Joe Mixon) and a guy who is going through a case right now in Jarvis Landry. That’s not a good look. I expect him to make a pr signing before week 1. Perhaps Kaepernick.”

TE: “Wreck league (Jesse’s team) is the team to look out for in my eyes. The foundation of that team is a solid as it gets and could be in for a big year if he can get some solid numbers from the tight end position.”

As a fellow GM in the league who also voted “Mixon a Water Joe” as the most dangerous team, I decided to abuse my interviewer status in an attempt to pry for any weaknesses in Brock’s squad…

Brock, obviously there are great benefits to drafting 1st overall. Do you think there were any cons for that position as the draft continued?

BJ: “I think in a 14-team league it was beneficial due to the amount of time I had to think between picks. Grabbing two players at a time also felt like an advantage. So, I didn’t feel too many cons came from the #1 pick.”

Mike Paige shook the fantasy football world when he took kicker Justin Tucker at 69th overall. (Courtesy of @adamburt13 / The Nosebleeds)

Your thoughts on Mike’s draft-busting pick?

SF: “Lol. Lookin’ at the rest of his team, might have been his best pick to be honest.”

BJ: “Nice.”

AS: “When you have the 69th pick, you just have to send it.” (T-shirts and beer cozies coming soon).

Mike, can you explain what was going through your mind in that wild moment?

MP: “Absolutely but just to be honest that was a complete coincidence.”

Well Mike, you have a lot of fans among the other GMs that I interviewed!

MP: “That’s what I take into life man, if I can make someone else laugh, even at my misfortune I’ll do it.”

There you have it folks. Mike Paige is a good sport and this fantasy league looks to have more crazy moments on the horizon as football season rolls in.

Be on the lookout for more fantasy football articles coming out of The Nosebleeds fantasy football league!

Oh, and nobody mentioned Ryan Delaney’s team…so here it is.

and here is Dan Patrazza’s team

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