Two minute warning: week 1

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September 14, 2017 by coachcarter717

Written by Carter Cotrupi

Finally, football fans everywhere can rest easy knowing that every Sunday from now until February will be filled with NFL action. Just as Week 1 of the regular season started, so did our first week of fantasy football matchups in the Nosebleeds Fantasy Football League.

Week 2’s Thursday night football is almost upon us which means the time for last-minute fantasy team adjustments is fast approaching.

In our “Two Minute Warning” series, we will follow the journey of all 14 teams in the NFFL as they look to claim bragging rights, climb the power rankings, and prove who is the smartest (and most handsome) GM on the Nosebleeds’ staff.

We will recap some of the highlights from last weekend’s fantasy football action including breakouts, busts, and key injuries that will affect lineups in the future.

The rosters have been set and the fates of our 14 teams have been decided after Monday night’s final matchup. Let’s dive into the recap of Week 1 in the NFFL.

Power Rankings:

  1. Is Joe Flacco Elite?

Matt’s team got solid production across the board from his players. While no one put up Kareem Hunt numbers this week, consistency is the most a GM can ask of his lineup. Even with Tom Brady’s poor performance on Thursday night, Dan Bailey and the Steelers DEF more than made up for the dip in production.

  1. Squish

Squish was looking like the #1 choice heading into the weekend after Kareem Hunt decimated the Patriots’ DEF for a league-leading 43.10 fantasy points. Barely scratched out by Matt’s team, Squish will look to ride on the backs of what should be the best RB squad throughout all 14 teams.

  1. Sunday Funday
  2. my f**king sick team
  3. Mixon a Water Joe
  4. Jimmy is My Homie G.
  5. Deez Nuts
  6. Get in the bathroom
  8. Ajayi’s Wide Shut
  9. Wetty Squad
  10. Brian’s Team
  11. Wreck League
  12. Free Kaepernick

Through no fault of his own, Shane was forced to watch Gronk, Brandon Marshall, and Russell Wilson churn out performances way below expectations to start the season. The good news is that these three players are very fixable and we can expect each of them to bounce back as the season progresses.

Breakout Stars:

Mike Gillislee (22.50 points) – Josh McDaniels showed a glimpse of the potential Gillislee has by utilizing the big back more frequently in the red zone on Thursday night. Unfortunately, Gillislee did not enjoy much success between the 20s where the Chiefs defense stifled the Pats’ run game for most of the night. So far he has proven to be the ideal replacement for LeGarrette Blount. His skill at breaking through the goal-line is there, but that much can’t be said about his production in short yardage situations. If Gillislee outperforms expectations next week, look for him to be a feature back in many fantasy squads.

Kareem Hunt (43.10 points)Where did this guy come from?! After starting the night with a fumble, the young rookie finished the night with 148 yards on 17 carries, TD; five receptions for 98 yards and 2 TDs. Experts said that Andy Reid would utilize a committee in the absence of RB1 Spencer Ware, but Hunt’s performance has solidified the young buck as the clear leader for carries in the foreseeable future.

Stefon Diggs (24.20 points) – The general perception of the Vikings’ WR1 was that of a boom-or-bust receiver, posting either big numbers or nothing at all. It looks like Diggs is looking to break that mold of inconsistency. With one season of catching passes from Sam Bradford under his belt, the two looked to have solid chemistry in Week 1. With rookie RB Dalvin Cook rekindling the Vikings’ run game, Diggs should have more opportunities both in the slot and lining up outside.


Tom Brady (10.68 points) – To be clear, Thursday Night’s performance was a bust by Brady’s standards. Kansas City’s defense put constant pressure on the future HOFer despite an improved Patriots O-line. The miscommunication on certain throws and broken plays is to be expected in the absence of premiere check-down target Julian Edelman. As newcomers Brandin Cooks and Philip Dorsett get more comfortable in the offense, so should Brady as he establishes the regular season connections with his receiving core.

Le’Veon Bell (6.20 points) – Surprisingly held in check by an improved Browns defense, Bell had to earn every yard, fighting to break free and was stifled from breaking off on any long runs. Another example of a player this week that was expected to perform much better than he did. The blame does not rest solely on Bell though, as the entire Steelers offense struggled to find the big plays for most of the afternoon.

Houston DEF (0.00 points) – Highly touted as one of the most consistent threats to any opposing team, Houston’s defense was swept away by Leonard Fournette and the Jaguars’ run game on Sunday. Coach Doug Marrone kept the ball away from hot mess Blake Bortles because of Houston’s inability to stop the run. In the NFFL, the unit managed to not go in the negative as they allowed 23 points to a Jaguars offense with Blake Bortles at the helm.

Key Injuries:

Eric Berry (Chiefs)- The Chiefs’ dominant win over the Patriots in TNF was bittersweet due to the loss of team leader Eric Berry to a torn Achilles tendon. Berry’s impact on Kansas City’s defensive unit was tremendous and there will be a definite gap in the secondary as Berry is done for the next 6 months. Already tackling rehab with the attitude and determination that can only come from beating cancer in less than a year, Berry has the respect of players, owners, and fans around the league. We look forward to seeing back on the field in 2018.

David Johnson (Cardinals)- The surgery on his wrist this week will cause the #1 draft pick among thousands of fantasy leagues to miss the next 2-3 months on I.R. His earliest return would be in Week 10 against the Seahawks. He is worth the bench spot.

Kevin White (Bears)- White left early in his game against the Falcons clutching his neck/shoulder area. As of Monday, it was confirmed that he suffered a broken shoulder blade which most likely will require season-ending surgery. If so, he will head into 2018 having only played five full games in the three years of his NFL career. At this point, it is unclear what the future holds for his professional career.

Matchup of the Week: YOU DON’T DO THAT (78.38 v. 115.50) Squish

For his first ever fantasy football matchup, Mike had the awful privilege of watching Kareem Hunt single-handedly destroy any hopes of winning Week 1 for YOU DON’T DO THAT. Couple Hunt’s performance with a 19.90 point day from another rookie RB (Leonard Fournette) and there wasn’t much Mike could do to win this one.

With that said, Mike did come away with the 10th spot in the standings. Not bad for his first ever week of fantasy football action. He had solid production from QB Derek Carr and RB Ty Montgomery. Mr. 69 (Justin Tucker) was also rooting for YOU DON’T DO THAT with his 8.00 contribution.

Squish has a lot to look forward to this season with those rookie RBs carrying his team. His next matchup will be against Matt’s team, “Is Joe Flacco Elite?”, who beat Squish by just 0.28 points in the league standings for the #1 spot. Look for that matchup to be a highlight coming out of Week 2.

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