Two minute warning: week 2

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September 21, 2017 by coachcarter717

(Courtesy of Adam Burt/The Nosebleeds)

Written by Carter Cotrupi

In a wild week 2 of the NFL regular season, we start to figure out which teams have potential and which players fantasy football owners can start to trust in their starting lineups. In the NFFL, the power rankings have made their first shift across the 14 teams. Some new faces rose to the top half of the leaderboard while other favored teams surprisingly fell this week.

So, who is looking at a great start to the regular season and who is looking to salvage their position before it’s too late? Let’s take a break from your workday with the Two Minute Warning for Week 2.

NFFL Power Rankings:

  1. Is Joe Flacco Elite? (–)

Matt is sitting pretty once again on top of the league with another dominant performance by his fantasy team. This week’s victory came at the expense of fan-favorite Squish who was hoping for Golden Tate III to make up the 13-point deficit on Monday Night.

  1. Sunday Funday (+1)
  2. Jimmy is My Homie G. (+3)
  3. my f**king sick team (–)
  4. Squish (-3)
  5. YOU DON’T DO THAT (+3)

Hey, look at that! After a crushing loss at the hands of Kareem Hunt to start the season, Mike’s team came back strong, putting up the 2nd-highest point total of Week 2 to take down a David Johnson-less Mixon a Water Joe. Week 3 will tell whether he can keep this momentum going.

  1. Mixon a Water Joe (-2)
  2. Wetty Squad (+3)
  3. Brian’s Team (+3)

Brian took advantage of the Sunday Night point-a-thon between Green Bay and Atlanta with WR Davante Adams and RB Devontae Freeman chalking up 19.90 and 23.00 points respectively.

  1. Wreck League (+3)
  2. Deez Nuts (-4)
  3. Get in the bathroom (-4)
  4. Big Country (formerly Ajayi’s Wide Shut) (-3)
  5. Free Kaepernick (–)

It should be noted that because we are so early in the regular season, the power rankings thus far have been mostly based on total points. As we progress further into the season, win streaks, slumps, and matchups will factor more heavily into the rankings.

Breakout Stars:

Tom Brady (30.78 points): Tom must have seen his name in the “Busts” category last week (hyperlink to TMW 1) because he came back with a fire to dominate the Saints DEF in a 36-20 win. Nothing soothes a loss in the home opener like facing a porous Saints defense the very next week. Throwing for 447 yards and three TDs, Brady reminded bandwagon fans everywhere that the season is young and so is his immaculate jaw line. If anyone can light a fire under the buttocks of this young Patriots team, its Tom “Avocado Dreamboat” Brady.

Michael Crabtree (29.00 points): Richard Sherman’s words still echoed in Crabtree’s mind as he hauled in 3 TD receptions against the Jets on Sunday. While he remains in Amari Cooper’s shadow, he will have games like these where he is the only target open after the opposing defense triple-teams Cooper.

CJ Anderson (28.90 points): Anderson puts the Broncos offense on his back and carried them on his way to a thoroughly impressive performance that included 118 yards rushing and a TD plus 36 receiving yards and another dance break. Coming off of a 2016 season where he was sharing carries with Devontae Booker, CJ proved his RB1 status in Week 2. 


LeGarrette Blount (0.50 points)- Blount was expected to handle the bulk of the carries as the Eagles primary ground-game RB heading into the season. Through two weeks, he has only accrued 46 rushing yards and one TD reception. It is clear that Darren Sproles has won the bulk of the snaps in an offense that seems to be leaning on the passing attack for the foreseeable future. Whether Blount becomes relevant again this season will depend entirely on the success of the 1-1 Eagles team.

Jordan Matthews (4.50 points)- Where Blount is a running back suffering from a passing offense, Matthews is the new guy in Buffalo where LeSean McCoy is the star and the ground game is the strength of the 0-2 team. Matthews has not found the end zone yet this season and the success of Nelson Agholor, Alshon Jeffrey, and Torrey Smith back in Philly leads me to believe that Doug Pederson knew Matthews was expendable.

Key Injuries:

Greg Olsen (Panthers): Perhaps the biggest blow to the Panther’s offense, Greg Olsen went down in the second quarter of their game against Buffalo. He broke his fifth metatarsal (one of the bones in the arch of his foot) on his right foot. He had a screw inserted to repair the fracture on Monday so he could start rehab immediately. Olsen had played 160 consecutive games since joining the NFL in 2007. This streak was second only to veteran TE Jason Witten, who at 35 years old has played in 221 consecutive games. He was placed on IR and will be eligible to return in Week 12 against the New York Jets.

Corey Coleman (Browns): Coleman fractured a metacarpal (one of the five bones in the palm of your hand) in his right hand after falling awkwardly on an incomplete pass. A similar injury caused the second-year player to miss six weeks of his rookie season in 2016. Even without playing through a full season, Coleman was expected to be a breakout fantasy player for the Browns in 2017. His injury history is quickly catching up in his young campaign.

C.J. Fiedorowicz (Texans): The Texans placed Fiedorowicz on IR after he suffered two concussions in short succession: one late in training camp and the other last week against the Bengals. Also nursing a quad injury that he’s had since the offseason, it is unclear when Fiedorowicz will be ready to return this season.

Matchup of the Week: Squish (111.94 v. 120.08) Is Joe Flacco Elite?

Do you know the best way to show how much you deserve the #1 overall seed? You beat the #2 seed and send them back down the rankings. Matt’s team did so well in Week 2 that even his bench players averaged 9.80 points across the six of them. Once again, Is Joe Flacco Elite? and Squish shared the smallest point margin between them this week with an 8.14-point differential.

Matt’s team had the W once Tom Brady went off for a league leading 30.78 points, followed closely by C.J. Anderson’s third-ranked 28.90 fantasy score. Kareem Hunt’s shoulders must have been tired from carrying the team last week. He only scored 24.40 points as he led Squish’s production for the second straight week.

Something tells me we will be seeing these two teams highlighted a lot this fantasy season. Even though Squish has fallen to 1-1 in the standings, he is second in total points scored, only 8.42 points behind Is Joe Flacco Elite? As Carey Elwes once sung in the cult-classic Robin Hood: Men In Tights, “The night is young, and your fantasy football team can make a comeback”…or something like that.

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