Two minute warning: week 3

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September 27, 2017 by coachcarter717

Week 3 saw 13 of the NFFL’s players change slots in the power rankings, but Is Joe Flacco Elite? continues to reign supreme. (Adam Burt/The Nosebleeds)

Written by Carter Cotrupi

What do Is Joe Flacco Elite? and Jimmy is My Homie G have in common with the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs? All four teams are 3-0 heading into Week 4.

After just three weeks of football action, the NFFL GMs have yet to determine exactly what the playoff picture will look like. It is still anyone’s game…except for Matt who has yet to score fewer than 115 points in three fantasy matchups.

Who currently has the best chance of dethroning Is Joe Flacco Elite? Let’s take a look back at Week 3’s Two Minute Warning.

Power Rankings

  1. Is Joe Flacco Elite? (–)
  2. Jimmy is My Homie G. (+1)
  3. my f**king sick team (+1)
  4. Sunday Funday (-2)
  5. Wetty Squad (+3)
  6. Mixon a Water Joe (+1)

Brock is out to prove that last week’s loss was nothing but a fluke. Voted as the team to watch out for this season by fellow GMs, Mixon a Water Joe has the talent to break out an impressive winning streak from here on out.

  1. Squish (-2)
  2. Deez Nuts (+3)
  3. YOU DON’T DO THAT (-3)
  4. Big Country (+3)

Looks like a name change was the cure-all for Big Country. Behind a RB duo of rookie Dalvin Cook and Carlos Hyde, Big Country finally broke the 100-point mark for the first time this season. It was a rookie mistake starting Ajayi over Duke Johnson Jr., but we’ll chalk that up to listening to the Yahoo experts too much.

  1. Wreck League (-1)
  2. Free Kaepernick (+2)

With his first win of the season, Shane looks to build on his lineup of big-name stars. Fortunately, the season is young and we could be looking at this team later on thinking, “Remember that time when Free Kaepernick lost 2 in a row?”

  1. Brian’s Team (-4)
  2. Get in the bathroom (-2)

Breakout Stars

My picks for breakout starts of Week 3 feature a trio of oddball quarterbacks, two of which are backups to injured QBs and one rookie who has stolen the starting spot with a solid performance.

Deshaun Watson (22.14 points)- A lot of people were watching the Texans vs. Patriots game thinking, “Wow, New England’s defense is horrendous” when the attention should have been on how confident the rookie QB was in the face of the defending Super Bowl champs. Watson succeeded on multiple plays that even some veteran signal-callers struggle with, the most impressive being a pinpoint back-shoulder throw to TE Ryan Griffin to beat Devin McCourty’s perfect coverage in the end zone. Bill O’Brien might have the franchise QB Houston has been looking for.

Jacoby Brissett (27.76 points)- From third-string quarterback to 3-TD hero, Brissett is making the most of his starting opportunities for the Indianapolis Colts. With Andrew Luck’s health still in question and Scott Tolzien putting up high school QB numbers, Brissett was given the chance to start in Week 3 against the Browns. Rushing for 2 TDs and throwing for 259 yards and a TD, Brissett postponed the Colts’ season from completely tanking already. Jimmy Garoppolo is probably foaming at the mouth seeing Brissett get a starting QB job somewhere else.

Case Keenum (28.56 points)- Personally, I liked Keenum when he was starting for the Rams. It was a tough situation to be in, playing for a team that had no chance of making the playoffs under Jeff Fisher. But second chances come around every so often and with Bradford sidelined, Keenum had the chance show that he still has it. Granted, the Tampa Bay DEF had its own problems, this was a highlight win against the young, rising Jameis Winston. These wins do not go unnoticed by NFL coaches. Bradford will still be the starter once he comes back from injury, but in the meantime, Case Keenum has shown that he is a very capable backup.

Side note: If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend watching Season 2 of “All or Nothing” on Amazon.


Joe Flacco (-0.88 points)- You know what they say, “What happens in London…” To say Joe Flacco had a bad day against the Jaguars would be a vast understatement. Out of his 10 completions on Sunday, only 8 of them were to his own team. He was benched at the beginning of the fourth quarter and that is never a good sign for a veteran quarterback. It is clear that the disc injury to his back still has an effect on his overall play. He returned to his team just one week before the start of the regular season, so there is reason to believe that Flacco is not in sync with his offense yet. Couple those problems with a terrible offensive line and the Ravens will be lucky if they can avoid throwing Ryan Mallett into the mix for the rest of the season.

Jay Ajayi (3.50 points)- Ajayi was shut down by a very beatable Jets defense. Embarrassed by a team in extreme rebuilding mode, the Dolphins found themselves trailing too far behind very quickly. There’s a chance that Ajayi can make me look like a fool with his Week 4 matchup against the Saints. But without finding the end zone in two games so far this season, there is reason to worry if this Miami offense is worth buying into with Jay Cutler at the helm.

Adrian Peterson (4.70 points)- Let’s just be honest. Sean Payton is desperately trying to give Drew Brees the offense he deserves before he retires (Brees is almost 39 years old). Coach Payton saw a big name like Adrian Peterson on the market and he invested too much into a RB who just doesn’t have it anymore. Too many injuries and the ever-present Father Time make it clear that Peterson needs to hang up the cleats before he tacks on more CTE. Behind Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, Peterson has less than 10 carries in every game so far this season.

Key Injuries

Sammy Watkins (Rams): Watkins took a big hit late in Thursday night’s game against San Francisco. He immediately entered the NFL’s concussion protocol and it is still unclear whether he will be cleared to play this Sunday. As we know with concussions, the timetable for his return is entirely up to the Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant designated to the team.

Darren Sproles (Eagles): Sproles suffered a rare dual injury against the Chiefs on Sunday. On the first viewing, fans could easily see the broken arm as he brought it down at an awkward angle on the turf. However, it was later confirmed that he also tore his ACL on the same run which can be seen as he starts to go down after initial contact from Giants DB Darian Thompson. The Eagles were hopeful that Sproles could return when they originally thought it was just a broken arm (about 2-4 weeks with rehab). But an ACL tear means Sproles is done for the season. One of the last notable times that a player broke his arm and tore his ACL on the same play was in Superbowl XLIX when Jeremy Lane of the Seattle Seahawks went down after intercepting a pass from Tom Brady. At 34 years old, Darren Sproles was discussing the possibility of this being his last year in the NFL during the offseason. We will see if Sproles decides to put on the Eagles uniform for one last run next season.

Cairo Santos (Chiefs): Santos was placed on IR this past Monday after not missing a field goal or extra point attempt through three games. It was reported that Santos could have further aggravated an underlying groin injury that caused him to miss a few weeks during the preseason. In the final year of his contract with Kansas City, it is unknown whether Andy Reid and the rest of the staff will look to re-sign the consistent kicker. Injuries to kickers, especially below the waist, are typically red flags that follow that player the rest of his career.

Matchup of the Week Wreck League (90.70 vs. 120.52) Free Kaepernick

With a win in Week 3, Free Kaepernick has ended his two-game losing streak thanks to his key starting players performing up to par for the first time this season. Jordy Nelson, Russell Wilson, and Brandon Marshall each lived up to expectations for the first time this season. Hopefully, the first two weeks can be chalked up to a slow start and we will see Shane’s team back in the playoff picture before we know it.

Unfortunately, Wreck League’s trade with Squish, where Jesse gave up Julio Jones for Fournette and Jacquizz Rodgers, did not come with an immediate payoff. Leonard Fournette surprisingly took a back seat to Blake Bortles against the Ravens and Jalen Richards could not solve the Vikings DEF. Still, the rookie RB figures to be the staple of the Jaguars offense for the rest of the season, so time will tell who really won this trade.

If we learned anything from Sunday, it’s that Doug Marrone needs Bortles to eat an English breakfast before every game. Black pudding and all.

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