Two minute warning: week 6

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October 18, 2017 by coachcarter717

(Courtesy of Adam Burt/The Nosebleeds)

Written by Carter Cotrupi

The chaos of Week 5 was balanced out with more average performances in Week 6. There were only two matchups where the differential was less than 10 points proving once again how extraordinary the previous week in the NFFL was. Week 6 marked the first week that the depths of our fantasy teams were tested with more key players being carted off the field due to injuries. The pace of the regular season seems to hint that the GMs with the most adaptability will be the ones to survive into the playoffs.

Power Rankings

  1. Jimmy is My Homie G. (–)
  2. Is Joe Flacco Elite? (+1)
  3. Squish (+1)

Now that’s what I call a solid win. Double digit point production from everyone in his starting lineup (minus K and D/ST) led Squish to a glorious victory over my f**king sick team who would have won if he played any of the 10 other teams scoring lower than his 109.86 total this week.

  1. my f**king sick team (-2)
  2. Deez Nuts (+2)
  3. Wetty Squad (-1)

The decision to leave TE Jason Witten in his lineup during his bye week was a curious one. After that, the weight of the loss was carried mostly by Blake Bortles and Kelvin Benjamin who scored just over 14 points each, leading the team.

  1. Mixon a Water Joe (-1)
  2. Sunday Funday (–)
  3. Big Country (+2)
  4. Free Kaepernick (+2)
  5. Brian’s Team (-1)
  6. Wreck League (+1)
  7. YOU DON’T DO THAT (-4)
  8. Get in the bathroom (–)

Breakout Stars

Evan Engram (16.70 points)- In the small bit of passing that the Giants did attempt on Sunday night, Engram was the go-to guy. It is clear the rookie TE has established great chemistry with the veteran Manning and the two have been connecting for solid gains when it counts. Engram is looking more like a WR1 on New York’s offense from now on.

Ryan Succop (22.00 points)- Have a day, Ryan Succop! With five field goals made in Tennessee’s win over Indianapolis on Monday Night Football, Succop enjoyed some well-deserved recognition for being the backbone of the Titans point production all season long.

Adrian Peterson (25.40 points)- I think I speak for many others when I say that I did not expect Peterson to come to Arizona and produce like he did on Sunday. The missing piece to Coach Bruce Arian’s offensive puzzle after losing David Johnson to injury earlier this season was at running back. Whether it was the chance to prove that he still has it or if the Saints simply misused him in their high-powered offense, AP crushed Tampa Bay’s defense to the tune of 134 yards and 2 TDs. Is this the resurgence of AP? Week 7 against the LA Rams tough run defense should be the deciding factor.


Broncos D/ST (6.00 points)- The “No Fly Zone” has a rough night against a winless New York Giants offense that just lost its top 4 receivers the week before. The rookie TE Evan Engram looked like Rob Gronkowski in his prime burning through the top-tier secondary. Give credit to Orleans Darkwa and the running game for taking the pressure off Eli and the makeshift receiving core. The defense that had previously corralled Marshawn Lynch and Ezekiel Elliot the weeks before was bested by its own offense’s inability to score in that 23-10 loss. If Trevor Siemian is unable to drive the team down the field, then we might see more disappointing performances by an overworked Broncos defense.

Amari Cooper (5.30 points)- The injury to Derek Carr did not help Cooper’s fantasy production the past few weeks, but overall the third-year WR has been fairly lackluster after breaking out in his first two seasons in the league. The only game where he posted double-digit fantasy points was in Week 1 against Tennessee’s swiss-cheese pass defense. Since then, Cooper has faced tough defenses in Denver and Baltimore, but he has been known to shred through triple coverage with ease in the past. There is faith that he will break out of his slump soon, but his production seems highly tethered to Carr’s health.

Brian Hoyer (1.36 points)- Despite the hype around Hoyer and Coach Kyle Shanahan rejoining in San Francisco after their shared stint in Cleveland, the time has come for the journeyman to take his usual spot on the bench. It did not take long before rookie QB C.J. Beathard came in to replace the struggling Hoyer during the 49ers loss to the Washington Redskins. With news now coming out that Beathard will get the start against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, it appears Hoyer retains no more fantasy value for the foreseeable future. The good news is that the veteran QB is taking the Mike Glennon approach to his benching and vowed to help the young rookie learn how to lead San Francisco’s offense.

Key Injuries

Aaron Rodgers (Packers)- The future HOF quarterback was carted off the field in Green Bay’s 23-10 loss to the Minnesota after taking a brutal hit out of the pocket from Vikings LB Anthony Barr. Eerily similar to Kiko Alonso’s hit on Jimmy Garoppolo early in 2016, everyone knew that something was wrong the moment Rodgers’ shoulder impacted on the turf. It was confirmed shortly after that he had broken his right collarbone and would most likely miss the rest of the season despite Coach McCarthy’s eager optimism. The debate amongst all football analysts is whether the hit on Rodgers was legal. While there is still no definite answer to that question, the veteran QB will approach his collarbone surgery with the same confidence as he does everything else. R-E-L-A-X Packers fans, the season is not done yet.

Jameis Winston (Buccaneers)- While trying to repair his team’s 24-0 deficit to the Cardinals in the second quarter, the young QB went down on a hit by DE Chandler Jones. The MRI scan on Monday revealed no structural damage so the diagnosis is a sprained shoulder on Winston’s throwing arm. The plan for the Buccaneers is day-to-day with Jameis taking it easy during practices this week. It is unclear if he will suit up Sunday against the Bills, but the hope is that he will be back to 100% soon to lead this playoff contender into the postseason.

Andrew Luck (Colts)- This entry is more of an update on Luck’s condition as many analysts thought that he would not see the field this season. However, it appears as though Coach Pagano and the rest of the front office are moving forward with seeing his return as soon as possible. Further speculation places Luck’s possible return in Week 8, meaning that Jacoby Brissett’s time in the spotlight could be nearing its end.

Matchup of the Week: Get in the bathroom (108.20 v. 112.90) Free Kaepernick

It seems like Shane’s team (Free Kaepernick) has a knack for highlighting matchups on a weekly basis. But this week focuses more on the narrow loss by Adam’s team (Get in the bathroom). After starting out the season 0-4, Get in the bathroom found light with his first win in Week 5.

Things were looking up as Adam improved on Week 5’s 78.26 winning score but all it took was a dominant performance by Gronk (23.30 points) to end his winning streak at one.

To put things in perspective, Get in the bathroom would have beat 9 other teams in the league, but the luck of the draw was not on his side this week. It is do-or-die time for Adam’s team. With Week 7 right around the corner, there is not much time to salvage his season, but with five teams just at 2-4 there is still hope for a Cinderella story.

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