Halloween candy power rankings: Shawn goes all in on Reese’s

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October 27, 2017 by 978eaton

Reese’s takes the top spot, but Charleston Chews make an unprecedented top-five appearance on Shawn Eaton’s list. (Adam Burt/The Nosebleeds)

Written by Shawn Eaton

10. M&M’s 

M&M’s are nothing special if we are being real. Yes, there are a lot of types and yes, they are a nice change of pace from the top dogs that you see later on in my list. I mean, is anyone actually looking for these in a basket left outside for the a**holes who don’t participate in a great tradition? The answer is no that is why M&M’s are 10.

9. Butterfinger

Again, nothing to write home about but damn an occasional BF in a sea of other candies can be good. Too many though and you’ll end up sad… just SAD.

8. Starburst

IMO the 2nd best non-chocolate you can get at Halloween. All good flavors as long as they aren’t 4 years old and break a tooth.

7. Nerds

My favorite non-chocolate is nerds. They come in a great cardboard container and are easy to eat. Something about these little dots of candy get me going.

6. Snickers

Probably much higher on a lot of peoples list but I thoroughly think Snickers are too overrated. A classic candy bar made too big by their commercials. Should not be a top 5 Halloween candy!

5. Charleston Chew

Now this is an underrated candy. Chewy when soft and honestly better frozen. C. Chews is an all-around good choice to give out to the youth of America.

4. Milky Way

We are down to the nitty-gritty and all of these Candies from now on are must-haves for Halloween. Milky ways are a Snickers bar on steroids for me (Snickers= Hunter Hearst Helmsley/ Milky Way= HHH anywhere between 2003-2011).

3. Kit-Kat

Shout-out to Cody for bringing me to the light of Kit-Kat bars. So simple but so f-ing good. PS if you eat a Kit-Kat like a regular candy bar and don’t snap it off, you need to go to a mental institution. Sorry, not sorry.

2. Twix

The severely underrated Twix is the perfect mix of chocolate and caramel on a dope cookie.

Every bite is satisfying and if you get an XL you hit the jackpot. It’s the best pure candy bar/cookie on the market. Left or Right, I am not biased.

1. Reese’s

If Reese’s isn’t number 1 on someone’s list, they better be allergic to peanut butter because there is no way in Holy Hell that anything can beat a Reese’s.

Single package/double/XL/ Reese’s pieces/ even the crunchy Reese’s I will take over any other candy if available.

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