Halloween candy power rankings: The list that’s “Sour, Sweet, Gone”

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October 27, 2017 by adamburt13

Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids are among the new entries in our top 10 candy rankings. (Adam Burt/The Nosebleeds)

Written by Adam Burt

  1. Kit Kat 

Kit Kat is taking the top spot as the number one Halloween candy for me. Simply put because it’s been my favorite since I was a little kid. You get great milk chocolate with a solid crunch game, milk chocolate is the best chocolate then it’s the perfect mix when you combine it with the wafer, these are also extremely good eaten cold. But always remember… crunch is key!


  1. Snickers

Snickers are great and lands at number two on the list for a few reasons. To keep it simple: the peanuts mixed with the chocolate, nougat, and caramel is just three solid components to an all-around great satisfying bite… snickers satisfies (not sponsored).


  1. Sour Patch Kids

Sour patch kids are underrated by many and I’m here with them in the top 3 so that we can all realize that they need the respect they deserve. Sour Patch Kids for sure will not land amongst the top 3 for many others, but don’t sleep on one of the greatest fruity candies with a sour bite out there. These were always a candy I got very few of trick or treating but always wished I had gotten more.


  1. Skittles

Skittles are an all-around great candy and I will back this statement until the end of time. The crunchy outer shell with all the chewy fruity flavors is a classic go to candy when you want pure fruity taste.

Word to Marshawn Lynch. #SkittleGang


  1. Reese’s cups

Reese’s cups should be in every top 10 out there unless you are allergic to peanuts, in which case then I would sincerely apologize to the poor souls who can’t experience this great candy. The classic chocolate/peanut butter taste is so elite, and you can walk up to just about anybody and they will tell you the same.


  1. Swedish Fish

Solid candy, and again very under-appreciated. I like a good mix of chocolate and fruity candies to keep this list with good variety. Swedish fish lands in the 6-slot and I absolutely love ‘em. When you think of gummy candy that could land in your loot as a kid, Swedish Fish are in the top-tier.


  1. Nestle Crunch

This is a candy I think everyone who trick or treated as a kid got an abundance of. Some people didn’t enjoy it, but I’ll take a Nestle Crunch all day, a solid crunch game is so key in candy as I’ve already stated. If you don’t want your nestle crunch bars after trick or treating, I’m down for a trade.


  1. Take 5

Not a very popular candy, not even going to lie. But if you’ve had a Take 5 you will be with me on this in saying they are just all around solid. It’s your favorite chocolate type of candy bar with a salty crunch because of the pretzel inside. The blend of salty and sweet is perfect and I think these need to be discussed amongst elite candy bars more often.


  1. Peanut M&Ms

Peanut M&Ms are simply god-tier. It’s basically just a chocolate covered peanut yes, but with all the multi colored candy shells of M&Ms. I’m all about a solid crunch game when it comes to candy. But the salty sweet peanut M&M’s have been a solid go to forever and on Halloween they never disappoint.


  1. Starburst

Starburst are always clutch to satisfy your chewy fruit candy cravings. In my opinion these beat Laffy Taffy by a mile and it’s not even a close debate; @ me on this I dare you (@Aburt52). You don’t want to get into this debate, I promise. The only issue I will say I have with Starburst is I’m not a fan of the cherry ones. I always gave those away to family members, but I am forever here for all the other flavored starburst, and I’m talking the originals (don’t hand me any of the tropical garbage).


You thought the list was over? “NO! NO! NO!”

A fresh batch of hot takes just came out of the oven and here we have the Top 5 most OVERRATED Halloween candies (people named Marlon should continue with caution).


I have always held the unpopular opinion of thinking Twix which seems to be a majority favorite, is slightly overrated. You put Twix next to a Kit Kat or a Snickers and I don’t think it’s even close, I think the cookie in it tastes like sandpaper, not about all that one bit.

Candy Corn

One of our finest @marlonpresents would strongly disagree with me on this, but the rest of the team for the most part will be alongside me when I say that candy corn is absolute garbage. I don’t even know how to describe the taste with words but these are better off used as decoration come Halloween season and I can’t believe some people have the nerve to throw them in a top 10 candy power ranking for Halloween.

Almond Joy:

I’m not a huge coconut guy. These were always a candy I got an abundance of trick or treating as a kid and I was always super let down by this. Always ended up giving them away and this is when at a young age I came to the conclusion that coconut and candy shouldn’t ever mix.

Laffy Taffy:

Get this Willy Wonka garbage out of my Halloween bag or bucket on Halloween. These don’t even come close to the level of starburst and that’s just a fact, especially the banana ones, those need to be permanently banned from being distributed on Halloween in my personal opinion, does anyone actually like these?

Charleston Chews:

I’m not even going to go into depth on why these are trash, I’m just going to leave this here and if you have any questions or concerns on why I think Charleston Chews are trash, contact me, but if you do I’m going to be extremely disappointed.

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