Halloween candy power rankings: Nestlé’d by the fire

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October 30, 2017 by themikepaige

Mike Paige keeps it short and very sweet in his candy power rankings. (Adam Burt/The Nosebleeds)

Written by Mike Paige

10. Milk Duds

The Gobstoppers of chocolate help you stretch out your stash just a little bit longer.

9. Nerds (and variations)

A sugar rush of nuggets bring out the energetic child in all of us and also brings out your dentist.

8. Snickers

A tried and true staple, it’s essentially the apple of the candy world just tried and true classic.

7. Skittles

A favorite of Mr. Lynch, Skittles are great for kids and adults alike, whether it be a fruity cascade for your mouth or Skittle vodka for the 21-plus.

6. Starburst

See Skittles and add the fact that they’re also a taffy.

5. Reese’s

Another classic that comes in numerous shapes and coatings this time of year, peanut butter cups add that right amount of sugar to the peanut butter to make them addictive and must-be trades.

4. Runts

An oldie but goodie for me, these fruit flavored hard candies shaped like their respective flavors take the some of the classic Skittles flavors and adds one specific flavor that trumps it: banana.

3. Twix

A great mesh of soft caramel, crisp cookie and a thin coat of chocolate. Whether its left or right Twix, mini or king sized warm or chilled Twix is a consistent treat making it my number 3.

2. Kit-Kat

Not only is it endorsed by Chance the Rapper, Kit-Kat bars are perfect to share with either singlets or full bars. Not only is it a great trading candy when you were a kid, counting a double or full bar as top round picks, it also one of the tastiest simple candies out there.

1. Crunch

Take the tastiness of Nestlé chocolate that you grew up with in your chocolate milk and add crispy rice candies and you have an addictive chocolate bar with the fun pop of rice candies.

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