Squish didn’t do it alone


November 9, 2017 by squish

Written by Al Salucco

I only get emotional about a select amount of things:

  • sweet chili tenders
  • ice cream cake
  • Jameson
  • Busch light
  • cats
  • fire mixtapes
  • ice cream cake
  • any form of cake
  • Trent’s but freckle
  • The Ranch
  • poop jokes
  • Jim Harbaugh’s khakis

We can now add another to the list – those who write for/ help The Nosebleeds.

I couldn’t do this alone and the 100+ articles we have written show that I don’t. Even though I haven’t written anything in a while, don’t think I don’t know how important this is to all of us.

The name? Matt Dwyer came up with it.

The motivation? Brock Johnson was in my ear for months about making the blog.

How did we sustain it? Carter Cotrupi lead multiple projects, Adam Burt photo shops the ever-living fuck out everything AND has baller blogs AND has multiple athletes blocking him weekly, Carter Hochman keeps me on my toes, Ryan Delaney pisses passion on paper, Jesse Pelletier gives me a brain ache and makes me weep stats, Michael Paige tells you when YOU CAN’T DO THAT, John Avino has the voice of an angel, Brain Foley is a husband but is only married to the blog game, Shawn Eaton makes us the most attractive blog around and Marlon Pitter taught me everything I know and carries us when I can’t.

We aren’t done.

Regular podcasts are coming, fire takes are coming and I’m coming.

Squish did it will do it.

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