So long, Jimmy Garoppolo

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November 10, 2017 by adamburt13

Jimmy Garoppolo looks to the be the quarterback of the future for the San Francisco 49ers. (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Written by Adam Burt

Since the New England Patriots drafted Jimmy Garoppolo aka Jimmy G, Jimmy Goat-polo, Gucci Garrops etc, call him what you please, the idea drilled into the minds of Patriots fans was he would be the guy to fill the big shoes that Tom Brady wore after Brady decides to walk away. Suddenly, with the blink of an eye, the 2017 season is halfway through, Jimmy Garoppolo has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers, and Brian Hoyer is Tom Brady’s understudy yet again.

Let’s start things off by addressing the main cause of concern for most fans that think the Patriots were robbed in that trade or maybe deserved a little more. This is simply the best way the Patriots could have handled the Jimmy G situation. With a last minute trade to San Francisco at the deadline for a second-round pick, it is actually a much better result than what it could have been.

Around the time of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns made an offer to the Patriots for Garoppolo. This offer was a second-round pick and some change, but the Patriots decided to wait and take this deal with the 49ers instead. Was this just the Patriots looking out for Jimmy G knowing the serious QB drought in Cleveland? We will never know that, but this trade with the 49ers makes sense for all parties involved.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract was nearing its end after this season and the Patriots would have had to battle a long-term contract price with Garoppolo or apply the franchise tag to him. The franchise tag would have been at least $22 million. So knowing Garoppolo didn’t want to be a backup much longer, and it being clear that Tom Brady isn’t quite done yet, why wait til the offseason and risk losing Garoppolo with nothing in return?

That is why the deadline trade made clear sense in the mind of the Patriots, getting something back rather than waiting to receive nothing and losing the quarterback in free agency. This is also a win for the San Francisco 49ers who haven’t quite figured out their long-term QB issues. Regardless of whether Jimmy G is in the plans of the 49ers going forward, or if this was a sign and trade for them, they got themselves a hell of a player with some incredible experience under his belt, and you have to think Jimmy is much happier with the fact he has avoided the quarterback wasteland that is the Cleveland Browns.

Will Jimmy Garoppolo eventually suit up this season for the 0-9 San Francisco 49ers? We will have to wait and see. Personally, I wouldn’t rush this if I was San Francisco. Why rush what could be your new franchise quarterback into play while in the middle of a winless season with a depleted lineup? Let Garoppolo sit back, learn the system, and develop bonds with the coaching staff and new teammates. Then, next season, look forward to a fresh new look 49ers team.

Regardless of whether the 49ers keep Jimmy around or use him as a sign-and-trade piece, I think it’s safe to say New England is going to miss this kid. And, without question Patriots, fans everywhere will be cheering for Jimmy to have an amazing career as a starting quarterback in this league.

New England fans have developed a strong adoration for this backup quarterback named Jimmy Garoppolo ever since the day the Patriots drafted him with the 62nd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. He was able to be apart of two Super Bowl victories and even got to see some regular season action throughout his tenure here in New England.  He will for sure be missed, and he will soon be a successful starting quarterback for the 49ers or wherever his NFL journey may land him throughout his future in my opinion.

Now as for the Patriots, Brian Hoyer is insurance for this season, but simply can not be the long-term backup plan/replacement to even attempt to fill the shoes Brady currently wears. If you want to talk about a robbery of a trade, dealing QB Jacoby Brissett to the Colts for Phillip Dorsett was a bad trade. Just kind of throwing this in here, I did not like that trade at all. I think Brissett also has a bright future in this league if handed the right opportunities.

At the end of all of this, I have to say its going to be an interesting offseason to see if the Patriots make a trade, or draft high in a QB heavy draft class coming up in 2018. While also having the needs of offensive line depth, and linebackers. Do the Patriots draft another stud QB fairly high in the draft? Or dig deep to try and salvage up another legend like 12.

To wrap up this whole thing….

I’ll miss you Gucci Garrops, go do the damn thing!

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