Two minute warning: week 10

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November 15, 2017 by coachcarter717

(Courtesy of Adam Burt/The Nosebleeds)

Written by Carter Cotrupi

Just three more weeks of NFFL regular season left until the inaugural fantasy playoffs. The back half of this season has shown a light on the teams fiercely climbing the ladder towards a spot in the playoff picture. Some teams like Wreck League and Deez Nuts have just recently forced their way into the postseason conversation while other teams continue to watch their playoff hopes slip away.

The NFFL power rankings after Week 10 are rigid for anyone outside the middle of the pack as the playoff picture continues to solidify. More teams can clinch their playoff spots in Week 11 but it all comes down to how badly they want it.

Power Rankings

  1. Jimmy is My Homie G. (–)

Clinched a playoff spot with a win last week.

  1. Is Joe Flacco Elite? (–)
  2. Squish (–)

As much as I want to move Squish into the #2 spot this week, the fact that Big Country looked like he didn’t make an effort to win (he left his RB2 spot blank, yikes) stole the spotlight from this W.

  1. Deez Nuts (–)
  2. Wreck League (–)

5 > 3, but until Marlon decides to stop his win streak, Jesse will have to play the point total game to move up the rankings as he continues to heat up in his blazing run for the playoffs.

  1. my f**king sick team (–)

The narrow margin of victory and the strength of his matchup are both good reasons to move John’s team up the power rankings. Unfortunately, the ceiling above him is comprised of two teams on a path of destruction with their impressive win streaks.

  1. Get in the bathroom (+3)
  2. YOU DON’T DO THAT (+1)

It is safe to assume that any team below this point will not make an appearance in the NFFL’s first ever fantasy postseason.

  1. Sunday Funday (-1)
  2. Wetty Squad (-3)
  3. Mixon a Water Joe (–)
  4. Brian’s Team (+1)
  5. Big Country (-1)
  6. Free Kaepernick (–) 

Breakout Stars

Sterling Shepard (19.70 points)- The positive spin to the Giants losing half of their entire offense to injuries this season is the chance to watch the sophomore WR Shepard carry himself so well in a prominent role. Perhaps the only legitimate fantasy option left on this ragged Giants team, Shepard has made the most of his WR1 spot and the increased volume of targets over the past few weeks. Don’t expect the Giants to win against anyone better than the 49ers but don’t sleep on Shepard churning out fantasy points in the embarrassing losses to come.

Austin Ekeler (24.40 points)- Slowly but surely the undrafted rookie Ekeler has been splitting time with Chargers veteran Melvin Gordon. Gordon has been showing more signs of wear and tear as the season goes on, making Ekeler look like the more reliable RB option in the Chargers struggling offense to finish the season. If he can come even remotely close to last week’s level of production in Week 11 then it is safe to assume that head coach Anthony Lynn has found his future superstar.


Jay Cutler (15.42 points)- Don’t let his double-digit fantasy score fool you. He still sucks. Carry on.

Mike Gillislee (N/A)- Gillislee, the Patriots’ big-back replacement for Legarrette Blount has found himself in Bill Belichick’s doghouse and was a healthy scratch from their blowout win over the Denver Broncos. Speculation among football analysts and experts suggests that Gillislee has not been the answer to the Pats running game woes that they wanted when they picked him up from the Bills during the offseason. Rex Burkhead showed great value in his all-around stellar performance last Sunday, guaranteeing him a spot alongside Deion Lewis and James White in the crowded backfield.

Key Injuries

Richard Sherman (Seahawks)- Sherman and many other NFL veterans made their opinions clear on why Thursday Night Football should be cancelled in the days leading up to the Seahawks vs. Cardinals game last Thursday. In an act of foreshadowing, Sherman’s words came to fruition when he went down on the field after attempting to defend a short pass to Cardinals’ receiver John Brown. Sherman was open about his underlying Achilles injury that was nagging him throughout the season and knew that when it “popped” on his sharp break towards the ball that he was done for the season. He had ruptured his Achilles and is due for season-ending surgery as soon as the swelling goes down.

Joe Haden (Steelers)- After living every Cleveland Browns player’s dream and getting signed to a legitimate contender with the Steelers, Haden started to flourish in a revamped defense that was taking the AFC by storm. Against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, Haden went down with a leg injury and it was announced after the game that he a broken fibula. This injury spells the end of his first season with the very slim possibility of returning if the Steelers make a deep playoff run, but all signs are pointing up for the young cornerback to break out in his first full season outside of Cleveland.

Daniel Lasco (Saints)- If you weren’t watching the Saints’ thrashing of the Bills on Sunday, then you probably have no idea who Daniel Lasco is. A running back designated to special teams, Lasco suffered a scary injury when he fell limp against the turf field after making a headfirst tackle on a Bills kickoff return. It didn’t take long for the trainers and doctors examining Lasco to call in an ambulance and stretcher onto the field. He was transported to a local hospital but was able to make the trip back home with the rest of the team later that night which was an encouraging sign. Lasco suffered a bulging disk in his spine which will require season-ending surgery but will not be career-threatening.

Matchup of the Week: Get in the bathroom (100.88 vs. 97.54) Is Joe Flacco Elite?

To say that this was a crucial matchup for both teams involved is an understatement. This great upset by Adam’s team pushes him into the 9th spot in the NFFL standings, just two games behind the majority of the crowd that makeup the current six-team playoff picture.

At 7-3, Matt does have a little bit to worry about with four teams (my f**king sick team, Squish, Wreck League, and Deez Nuts) inching behind him at 6-4, threatening to take his #2 seed. But with the way Is Joe Flacco Elite has been producing in the back half of this fantasy season, his playoff spot is all but guaranteed.

Get in the bathroom will have to win out the rest of the fantasy regular season if he wants a shot at making the playoffs. But what a ride it has been watching this team go from a four-game losing streak to start the season to winning four out of the past six matchups. If this was Little League, Adam would have my vote for “Most Improved Player.”

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