NFC South revisited

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November 17, 2017 by foleyb33

2016 NFL MVP Matt Ryan isn’t doing much to be the most valuable player on his team, much less the league. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Written by Brian Foley

Remember that article that I wrote about predicting the season for each team in the NFC South? Yeah… let’s all forget about that.

It seems I was a bit off and ambitious with those predictions. (Tampa Bay was high on my watch list.) So, here is a recap of what went wrong and my new predictions for the final stretch of the season.

Atlanta Falcons

Preseason Prediction (11-5)

Current Record (5-4)

New Prediction (9-7)

I knew there would be some sort of a Superbowl hangover, I did not expect this though. Last years high scoring offense is has been the opposite this year. This team is missing their play-caller Kyle Shannahan big time and Matt Ryan is not playing at an MVP level. This team is going to miss the playoffs because of their slow start to the year. I don’t think they will beat the Saints twice and they play two good defensive teams in the Panthers and the Vikings.

Team MVP: Devonta Freeman, if he is healthy is the MVP of this team. The passing game is struggling and the Falcons are going to need a solid running game to open up the offense in order to try and make the playoffs.  That all starts with Freeman.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Preseason Prediction (10-6)

Current Record (3-6)

New Prediction (4-12)

I thought this was a borderline playoff team. They look like an absolute dumpster fire nine games into the season. Winston is either really hurt or having a lot of issues throwing the ball. Mike Evans is not effective and the running game is not that good. They only put up 15 points last week against the Jets and have not put up more points than that in weeks. This team needs to figure things out now or their season is over this week.

Team MVP: I still think Jamies Winston is the teams MVP. He needs to play better for this team to turn it around and finish with a respectable record.

Carolina Panthers

Preseason Prediction (7-9)

Current Record (7-3)

New Prediction (11-5)

I thought the Panthers were going to finish 3rd in this division. They already have matched the number of wins that I thought they were going to finish the season with. The division is completely backward from how I thought it was going to go and the Panthers are winning games I did not think they could. Picking up wins against the Falcons, Patriots, and Lions was big for them. This is a team that could grab a wild card spot if they can keep it up.

Team MVP: Cam Newton is carrying an offense that I thought was going to be awful. The former league has this team competing and it will be interesting to see how they finish.

New Orleans Saints

Preseason Prediction (6-10)

Current Record (7-2)

New Prediction (12-4)

This team is winning the division. They might even make a splash in the playoffs. After starting out at 0-2 and looking like they could lose every game, The offense got going and defense started playing better.  Drew Brees is leading this team to the playoffs and winning the division for the first time in a few years. Oh, and their running game is LEGIT. The combo of Ingram and Kamara is deadly and clearly, Peterson was not needed in that backfield.

Team MVP: This one is tough. Brees is the clear leader on offense but Ingram has been wrecking it. I am going to lean towards Brees here.

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