Shawn Eaton’s WWE Survivor Series dream team

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November 17, 2017 by 978eaton

A staple of the mid-2000s, Randy Orton finds himself among Shawn Eaton’s Survivor Series dream team selections. (Courtesy photo)

Written by Shawn Eaton

Survivor Series is just days away and it got us thinking here at The NoseBleeds WWE about what our dream teams would be for a traditional 5-on-5 match.

With so many superstars in the history of professional wrestling to choose from, we allowed ourselves a pick of one face and one heel team each. But like any good dream team project, we had to establish some rules to give structure to the endless possible superstar combinations to choose from.

First, four of the five superstars on the team had to represent a different decade in wrestling history (80s, 90s, 00s, 10s). The fifth and final member of the Survivor Series Dream Team would be a wildcard pick, which meant it could be a superstar from any wrestling promotion at any point in time. Lastly, the team had to be united under one manager.

This is a two-part article with my teams (Shawn Eaton) here in Part I and Carter’s picks in Part II coming soon! So, without further ado here is…

Shawn’s Face Team

Randy Savage (Courtesy photo)

Pick 1 (80s): Randy Savage

Macho Man Randy Savage is my pick from the 80s. He was amazing both in and out of the ring and far more entertaining to watch than the Hulkster or Ultimate Warrior in my opinion. He was an easy pick for my Babyface team.

Steve Austin (Courtesy photo)

Pick 2 (90s): Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin was the man in the 90s. The biggest Face and the biggest draw in wrestling history, there can be no other pick for an All-Star Survivor Series team from that decade.

Jeff Hardy (Courtesy photo)

Pick 3 (00s): Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was my guy back when I first started watching professional wrestling. It was a tough choice between Hardy on Raw and The Undertaker on Smackdown, but I feel that Jeff was the more prominent Babyface for this team. With the toughness of Macho Man and Stone Cold, Jeff Hardy brings the high-flying/risk-taking flair I really want on any Survivor Series team.

Daniel Bryan (Courtesy photo)

Pick 4 (10s): Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was WWE in 2013-14. On top of that, he is arguably one of the best pro wrestlers of all time. Cap it all off with him being the biggest Babyface in the past decade makes him an easy pick for the 2010s.

AJ Styles (Courtesy photo)

Pick 5 (Wildcard): AJ Styles

My wildcard pick is the current WWE Champion, AJ Styles. However, the version of AJ Styles that I’m picking is the TNA/Ring of Honor Styles from earlier in his career. An amazing wrestler and a prestigious champion, Styles is the perfect pick to round out my team of Faces.

Miss Elizabeth (Courtesy photo)

Manager: Miss Elizabeth

Since my first pick (Macho Man) actually had his own manager already, I thought it would be fitting to make my Babyface team manager Miss Elizabeth.

Shawn’s Heel Team

Roddy Piper (Courtesy photo)

Pick 1 (80s): Roddy Piper

The best Heel in 1980s wrestling was Rowdy Roddy Piper. He headlined the first-ever WrestleMania promoted by the WWF against Hulk Hogan and that just goes to show how good Piper was in that time. He’s my pick to Captain this Heel team into battle.

Kane (Courtesy photo)

Pick 2 (90s): Kane

Kane was a monster in the 90s and would dominate his opponents all the time. He held the WWF Championship at one point and continued to face the very best wrestlers in the Attitude Era. He was a force to be reckoned with against any opponent.

Randy Orton (Courtesy photo)

Pick 3 (00s): Randy Orton

Randy Orton is one of my least favorite wrestlers in the company today, but in his prime, from 2005-2008, he was one of the best Heels I’ve ever seen. Ruthless and dangerous characterized his “Viper” gimmick and this Orton makes for a great member of this team.

Seth Rollins (Courtesy photo)

Pick 4 (10s): Seth Rollins

Talking about going from my least favorite to most favorite wrestler right now…Seth freaking Rollins. When Rollins turned on his “brothers” in the Shield back in 2014, he quickly became the face of the company. He was the a**hole Heel you loved to hate and he’s my fourth pick for a stacked Heel team.

Stan Hansen (Courtesy photo)

Pick 5 (Wildcard): Stan Hansen

Stan Hansen isn’t a name commonly brought up nowadays. Yet, Hansen was the Shoot Heel in AJPW in the 1980s-90s. Hansen would attack fans and was the most successful American in Japanese wrestling history. Oh, and did I mention that his finisher was a lariat…badass.

Mr. Fuji (Courtesy photo)

Manager: Mr. Fuji

I think when most people talk about Heel managers in wrestling, it’s either Paul Heyman or Bobby Heenan. But I chose Mr. Fuji to represent the Heel team because of one thing: his signature move of throwing salt/dust in someone’s face. I feel like that is an automatic elimination for anyone unlucky enough to come at him face-to-face. It’s worth having him as a manager solely for that Heel tactic.

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