Michigan vs. Ohio State: Alex Salucco vs. Marlon Pitter

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November 25, 2017 by squish

Written by Al “Squish” Salucco

Every rivalry comes with a level of respect. Red Sox fans despise the Yankees, but they recognized the talent and gamesmanship of Derek Jeter. Lakers fans can’t stand the Celtics, but Larry was that dude. The AFC East? Everyone knows that Tom Brady can’t be stopped. Michigan and Ohio State…? There is no respect, there is no love and no punches will be held.

I, a lifelong Michigan fan, had the privilege of dorming with a Buckeye fan my senior year in college. His name is Big Fish Marlon Pitter and he loves his grenadine.

This wasn’t our only rivalry, the milk chocolate vs white fudge Flipz debate will never be settled until Marlon mans up and admits that he is clinically insane.

I met Marlon before he met me actually. I was in University Crossing on my visit to the school and overheard what I thought was him hitting on a couple of girls. He was telling them about a feature he wrote on the women’s basketball team and gave them his business card. It wasn’t until I got to know him that I learned he does this everyday…even at parties.

Two years after that we moved in together and I wished somebody warned me about the snoring. And, who still writes checks?

Despite his quirks he always guided me towards a position where I could succeed, and whether it was believed if I deserved those positions or not, I did what was asked of me. I learned a lot from him.

My connection to Michigan lies with my family, Marlon’s lies with his uncanny ability to pick good teams as his favorite. Regardless, the year leading up to game was filled with trash talk. We would think about crazy bets to make, make what-if scenarios and even made a podcast about the game.

I can’t remember the last time I watched Michigan take down Ohio with my own eyes, and that made the hate for them even worse. You could imagine how I felt inviting a Buckeye fan to my home for Thanksgiving weekend.

We watched the game, bickered, drank and repeated.

I won’t talk about the game because this is not what this article is about. It’s about respect in rivalries and I respect the hell out of Marlon Pitter, but Ohio can Hail to the Victors today.

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