Two minute warning: week 14

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December 14, 2017 by coachcarter717

(Courtesy of Adam Burt/The Nosebleeds)

Written by Carter Cotrupi

NFFL Quarterfinals Recap

Clinching the bye week came in clutch for both #1 Jimmy is My Homie G. and #2 Is Joe Flacco Elite? as both GMs were outscored by three out of the four teams competing in the quarterfinal round of the NFFL playoffs.

The rest of the action in Week 14 is detailed below as we look ahead to Week 15 and the Semifinal round of the NFFL playoff journey. Four teams remain, but which two will meet in the Championship round next week?

#3 Squish squashed #6 Deez Nuts in an epic blowout win

Saying Squish had a good week at the right time is an understatement. 151.76 fantasy points in any week is an incredible output, but to have that kind of production in the quarterfinals makes you a huge threat to break the rankings.

Matt Ryan choked again in a crucial matchup for Deez Nuts (I TOLD YOU to play Jimmy G, Marlon). He also left 22.70 points on the bench via Michael Thomas in favor of Sterling Shepard vs the Cowboys…ouch. It is hard to decide whether to play the matchup or the player when it comes to the fantasy playoffs.

Regardless, Squish stamped his ticket to the semifinals in a statement victory over Deez Nuts. Is Joe Flacco Elite? better get ready for the red-hot Squish when they collide this week.

#4 my f**king sick team DID THAT.

Even though Rod Smith single-handedly dismantled any semblance of the New York Giants’ defense on Sunday, his 30.50 fantasy points would be almost half of the total production coming from YOU DON’T DO THAT’s lineup in the quarterfinals (82.94 points).

my f**king sick team showed once again why his team is among the most consistent in the league, putting up 108.08 points. There were only three times this season where John’s squad scored less than 100 points. Jimmy is My Homie G’s lineup will have to have another Week 14 performance to take down Mr. Consistency.

Breakout Stars

Rod Smith (30.50 points)- As I mentioned earlier, Rod Smith could very well have been the dominating factor for any lucky GM in their fantasy playoffs. The third year running back proved to be the perfect band aid for a Cowboys offense missing Ezekiel Elliot due to suspension. 160 yards with both a rushing and receiving TD makes it sound like Zeke never left the building.

Jamaal Williams (27.30 points)- Drafted 134th overall and behind a crumbling depth chart due to injuries, Williams has been able to show his potential these past few weeks of his rookie season. Thanks to the lackluster passing attack led by Brett Hundley, the former BYU standout has had plenty of opportunities to showcase his football IQ and on-field awareness during his high-volume workload. 49 yards rushing, 69 receiving and one touchdown each meant that Williams was the star of the Rodgers-less Packers offense in Cleveland.


Any player that hasn’t contributed to a winning playoff scenario at this point in time is considered a bust. But perhaps the biggest perpetrators that helped sink their fantasy lineups were the likes of Derek Carr (12.44 points), Bengals D/ST (1.00 point), and the aforementioned Matt Ryan (9.84 points w/ 3 INTs).

Key Injuries

Aaron Rodgers (Update)- It looks like the future Hall of Fame quarterback will be back under center for the Packers offense in Week 15 against the Panthers. Heading into Tuesday night, where reporters were expecting a definitive answer on Rodgers’ playing status, it was said by team doctors and Coach Mike McCarthy that if his collarbone was 80% healed, then they were comfortable putting him back on the field. It will be an interesting scene at Bank of America Stadium where Rodgers will have to face a stingy Panthers pass defense in his first game back from injured reserve.

Carson Wentz (Eagles)- Unless you live under a rock, then you might have heard the news about Philadelphia Eagles second-year QB Carson Wentz having his season prematurely ended Sunday against the LA Rams. To no one’s fault, Wentz made the decision to run the ball for a late score in the Eagles loss to the Rams. Just when Eagles fans were hopeful for a deep playoff run and even a Superbowl shot. Wentz was neck-and-neck with Tom Brady in the league MVP discussion.

Semifinals Matchups

#1 Jimmy is My Homie G. vs. #4 my f**king sick team

As I mentioned earlier, John’s team deserves his spot in the top 4 with the level of consistency his players have had over the course of the entire NFFL season. Jimmy is My Homie G. is a team that is more volatile, scoring 120+ points or 90 at best.

Across both teams, there are only a few favorable matchups that could tilt the odds one way or another. Cam Newton has the struggling Green Bay Packers defense in what should be a shootout game if Aaron Rodgers comes back in full form and the RB1a/1b duo of Ingram and Kamara have the opportunity to break through a surprisingly sturdy New York Jets run defense.

X-Factors: Greg Zuerlein vs. Seahawks, Dez Bryant vs. Raiders

#2 Is Joe Flacco Elite? vs. #3 Squish

Matt’s team stayed with Jimmy is My Homie G all season and finished the regular season just one game behind in their record to secure the #2 spot and vacation away from the quarterfinal round. Now, Is Joe Flacco Elite? has to take his fresh new suntan and hope he doesn’t get burned by Squish.

The key player in Squish’s squad is Julio Jones who will be facing the same Buccaneers team he punted into orbit for 44.80 points in Week 12. Maybe his production alone will be enough to secure the W? But the G.O.A.T. himself Tom Brady is facing the same Mike Tomlin-led Steelers team that he just loves to pick apart in the most opportunistic fashion.

X-Factors: Robby Anderson vs. Saints, Jaguars D/ST vs. Texans

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