The Nosebleeds enters the podcast world

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December 27, 2017 by squish

(Courtesy of Adam Burt / The Nosebleeds)

Written by Al Salucco

In every life there is a turning point. Tom Brady probably got truck sticked by a dude when he was trying to play d end back in the day and said “Nah, ima throw it now.” (tru quote) Nick Saban probably could never win a fantasy football title so he decided to pay players to go to Alabama to get a better team. Joe Budden sucked at rapping so he decided to do it anyway.

This moment is like those – we have a weekly flagship podcast.

Squish the Fish feature Marlon “Big Fish” Pitter, Adam (needs a nickname please don’t make fun of his weight) Burt and Al “Squish” Salucco.

We break it down, yell at each other, laugh it out and eat Chinese food.

We will have three weekly segments.

  • Poindexter’s Wambulence – My acquaintance, Justin Poindexter, likes to whine a lot so we will ALWAYS have material for this. Each week we will rotate and whine about Justin’s cry swims.
  • Squish or Fish – Each week we will have a hot topic where we decide to agree (Fish) or disagree (Squish) It fits because Marlon likes to go with the grain about everything and he is very submissive and I can run circles around him in any given argument.
  • Squashing Squish – I play this game with random people on the street all the time. It’s a great bar bet game too. I have a lot of random and useless knowledge in my head, particularly where NFL and NBA players went to college. These guys will have six chances each to Squash me.

NFL – has to be drafted no earlier than 2003 and has to be relevant (vague and we will probably struggle with this and Burt stumps me a lot)

  • 1 QB 1 RB/WR/Flex 1 Defensive player

NBA – same rules apply but any position is eligible

This is a moment that will go down in history as overrated and mediocre but it’s gonna be fuego Candy paint on Friday (tomorrow just in case you didn’t know).

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