Two minute warning: NFFL inaugural season wrap-up

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January 4, 2018 by coachcarter717

Carter Cotrupi takes home the first Nosebleeds Fantasy Football League championship and reflects on an exciting season. (Adam Burt/The Nosebleeds)

Written by Carter Cotrupi

Like Season 8 of The Office, all great things must come to an end. “Two Minute Warning” was the result of one of my personal goals as a writer here at The NoseBleeds, which was to create and run my own weekly article series. Unfortunately, fantasy football is not a year-round activity and this wrap-up article will mark the last piece of coverage for the inaugural NFFL season.

After a hard-fought matchup in the finals of the NFFL championship, my team (Jimmy is My Homie G.) finished strong to beat out Is Joe Flacco Elite? 130.66- 107.70 for all the marbles. It all came down to a battle of TEs, with Jesse James unfortunately taking a backseat to Vance McDonald on the Steelers lineup and Zach Ertz going 9-81 to cap off his great season.

Seems rigged, right? The writer that covered the NFFL season winning the inaugural championship? #ContentGate

I surveyed a few of our GMs to get their perspectives after the first NFFL season. I asked each of them to give one last analysis of their team and let them dish out the last batch of limited edition hot takes before they go out of season.

In your opinion, what was your best (most exciting) matchup of your NFFL season?

Marlon Pitter (Deez Nuts)- While I was more emotionally invested in matchups against people I know personally, objectively, you can say losing to my f**king sick team in Week 5 was my most exciting game. I made it more exciting than it should have been and lost by less than one point due to leaving Matt Bryant on the bench during his bye rather than cutting him for literally any other kicker.

Al “Squish” Salucco (Squish)- The semi finals vs Matt Dwyer (Is Joe Flacco Elite?) It was so close…the Saturday games screwed me.

John Avino (my f**king sick team)- The best matchup of my season was definitely Week 5, when I beat Deez Nuts by 0.88 points. It made me 4-1 at the time and I loved seeing my team grind it out.

Adam Burt (Get in the bathroom)- My most exciting matchup throughout the NFFL season came in Week 11 against Carter (Jimmy is My Homie G). Carter was the top dog in Week 11 and throughout the season and I was able to pull off a huge upset thanks to a huge week by the Vikings duo of Adam Theilen and Latavius Murray. This was in the midst of me battling back from a rough start to the season, during my huge undefeated run.

Mike Paige (YOU DON’T DO THAT)- Squeaking out a win over Shane (Free Kaepernick) via Justin Tucker in Week 12.

Which player in your squad gets your fantasy season MVP? (Explain)

Marlon- Though all my players were inconsistent at times, and some were downright putrid (I’m looking at you, Matt Ryan), Melvin Gordon gave me some of the biggest individual performances this season. He’s the MVP.

John- Shady is my MVP, much to the dismay of Cam Newton but I gotta be honest.

Squish- Le’Veon Bell. I don’t need to explain that one.

Adam- Undoubtedly Carson Wentz. Every football fan and fantasy football diehard was impacted by Wentz last season, whether it was on the losing end or riding him to many victories like I did before he suffered his unfortunate ACL injury.

Mike- JUSTIN F**KING TUCKER- ‘nuff said.

Was there any player you left on your lineup for too long (should have dropped earlier)?

Marlon- My attachment to the Falcons was part of my demise this year. At one point, I had four Atlanta Falcons players on my team. I ended the season in the fifth-place game starting none of them. I should have given the entire Falcons roster the pink slip much earlier.

John- I gave Theo Riddick a Riddick-ulous amount of playing time this year.

Squish- “Mary” Thomas. I don’t like him but for some reason I couldn’t drop him. He was unreliable, and I call him Mary because he plays like a 12-year-old girl. Drops too many balls and never lays it on the line.

Adam- Terrelle Pryor: the biggest bust of the 2017 fantasy season.

Mike- Ty Montgomery. For a terrible year in RBs, I feel Montgomery never gave me a solid week and then just up and got injured.

Were there any teams that surprised you, either in your individual matchups or the final league standings? (Explain)

Marlon- For as much as Adam Burt knows about football, I’m surprised he didn’t make the playoffs. I had an unfortunate hand in his late-season demise by not winning my last regular season matchup [against Mike Paige], but I don’t think his early season start was characteristic. In my case, my fifth-place finish was on pace with Yahoo’s projection, which isn’t bad for at all for a fantasy football rookie.

John- The only surprise to me was that I didn’t win.

Squish- Marlon’s team surprised me…it was his first year and I didn’t expect him to do as well as he did…it broke my heart that I had to boot him out of the playoffs (quarterfinals).

Adam- I kind of surprised myself. I started off 0-4 and had to battle back. I would have made it into the playoffs with a little help (thanks again, Marlon) after winning most of my late season matchups. Special thanks to Carson Wentz and Adam Thielen for really emerging as fantasy beast week in and week out. Just remember, next season fear the bathroom…

Mike- I’m not surprised by anyone’s ranking except my own. As someone who has never seriously followed the NFL or done fantasy, I was surprised my rotation of picks got me a spot in the playoffs.

When will Justin Tucker go off the board in next year’s NFFL Draft?

John- Justin Tucker has to be a top 15-round pick next season (HOT TAKE ALERT).

Squish- All joking aside, Tucker balls out. In a 14-team league that could expand next season…he is valuable enough tot go in the 8th or 9th round.

Adam- Round 3.

Mike- Most likely the 7th round instead of 5th. He’s still a hot product but not as important as new kickers that sprung up this year as good prospects.

Will you change your team name for next season? If so, what’s the new name?

Marlon- The moniker Deez Nuts, a tribute to the Ohio State Buckeyes, is here to stay, most likely.

John- I will not change my team name, because my team will once again be fuckin’ sick (I’ll give that one to you, John).

Squish- Nah, fam.

Adam- Might remain the same or be tweaked. Multiple victims will be thrown in the bathroom regardless.

Mike- The Voice. Ever heard my voice? ‘Nuff said.

Any final comments on the inaugural NFFL season? Is there anything more you’d like to see in next season’s “Two Minute Warning” series?

Squish- I like it, but we need to make a few changes. Despite it being a free league, it was very competitive. However, a monetary prize or trophy would help pick things up more. We need to look at everything: rules, scoring, roster size…we need to operate as if everything can be improved.

Adam- Very fun and competitive season. I’m excited to redraft and get back at it with everyone next season. Maybe next time Marlon will pull through…

Mike- I’d like to see a post-week interview one-on-one with the top player that week (either text or video).

I’d like to thank my fellow NFFL GMs for a great season of fantasy football, especially Squish for organizing the league (thanks, Commish). Stay tuned later on in 2018 where we will start coverage for the next season of the NFFL!

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