End of the road for the Steelers/ Poindexter’s funeral is booked


January 14, 2018 by adamburt13

Written by Adam Burt

The Pittsburgh Steelers might just be the DUMBEST organization in the entire NFL. Year after year they have top of the line talent everywhere you look yet coaching and personalities in the locker room drag them down. So once again here I am laughing and wondering if they can ever become more stupid than they already are in the year of 2018.

It starts at head coach. Mike I like to spit in my own beard Tomlin. First off nobody could have told that F’n guy that he had frozen spit in his beard? It was more than noticeable so way to look out for your coach @ the whole Steelers sideline.

But back to Tomlin being an idiot, year after year he is undoubtedly the main reason this team always finds themselves as an early playoff exit. From awful play calling, clock management you name it all around garbage. Yet the Steelers still love to lob Tomlin contract extensions…. why?

Have you been checking social media in the sports world this past week? You probably didn’t find any talk about the Steelers preparing for the Jaguars. Instead they were still crying about them being stupid enough to release their all time sack leader who went on to sign with the Patriots.

News flash Pittsburgh, if you release a player from your organization they are allowed to sign wherever they want, trashing an all time great of your franchise isn’t a very wise idea. You know what else isn’t a very wise idea? Mike Mitchell worrying about beating the Patriots when they haven’t even got to the AFC Championship yet, maybe next time keep your mouth shut and spend some time watching film on the team who just dropped 45 on your head.

So between Leveon Bell and his contract issues, his dumbass tweet he sent out, Mike Mitchell running his mouth, Tomlin’s shitty coaching and James Harrison becoming a Patriot legend. It’s safe to say Pittsburgh, yet again, was shook and can’t hang with New England down the stretch. And then their fan base will still proceed to cry and take shots on twitter to defend Tomlin’s Idiocy.

So now it’s time!

Squish, Marlon and myself would like to cordially invite YOU Justin Poindexter when you decide to stop posting rants to read this, to call in to the Squish the Fish Podcast this week to face the music and accept defeat. If you back out we will proceed to book your funeral. (Don’t do this to yourself)

So to wrap it all up It’s now time for the Patriots to face a strong Jacksonville Jaguars team in the AFC Championship game. All In the quest to give Patriot legend James Harrison the one thing that the Pittsburgh Steelers could not, a championship to ride off into the sunset with.

Cheers Pittsburgh, and stay woke!

One thought on “End of the road for the Steelers/ Poindexter’s funeral is booked

  1. Behind The Steel Curtain says:

    1. The media dragged up what Mitchell said about the Pats after the Pats-Steelers game week 15.
    2. Mike Tomlin has the 2nd most wins in his first 11 seasons as a head coach (116), behind only Don Shula: 117.
    – He doesn’t call the plays, Todd Haley does and all of Steeler Nation has been calling for his firing for a couple years now.
    3. If the Steelers had a competent Defensive Coordinator who wasn’t trying to replicate Dick LeBeau’s old school zone defensive playbook which has proven to be trash, then the Steelers wouldn’t have been in a situation where Tomlin would have to make a ballsy decision.
    – Horrible decision, horrible execution on that onside kick
    4. Refs missed 2 clear holding/PI calls and then let the Jags get away with a clear Roughing The Passer on Big Ben, because he’s Ben and not named Tom Brady.


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