Congrats Squish on posting your 6th podcast in 2 days

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February 1, 2018 by squish

Written by Squish

Hey young fella, I wanna be the first to congratulate you on podcast number 6 (even tho its not posted yet) because this is a real achievement.

I know you started this blog with low expectations (like really low when you didn’t know if anyone wanted to do it) and it has become something you and your friends love doing.

Try (please try) to reflect on this milestone and remember everyone (and I mean everyone, even the dude who sells you tins one at a time and every time tries to get you to buy 5 really though fuck that guy you don’t want 5 tins at one time.)

Episode 6 is a big deal, it’s one letter difference from ‘sax’ which is short for saxophone which is the most bad ass instrument, it’s also the number of NBA players to score 30,000 points before Lebron did it last week.

Never forget your humble upbringings and keep Squishing. #striveformediocrity #thekidfromUP


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