Goodbye football: the devastating end

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February 5, 2018 by adamburt13

(Courtesy of Mark Humphrey/AP Photo)

Written by Adam Burt

As I lay here writing this at 3am with a gut wrenched feeling in my stomach, I have so many questions and a lot to say. Although some questions I just don’t know the answers to right now, I just can’t grasp why this feels like the most devastating Patriots loss of my entire lifetime of fandom.

Is it because it’s fresh in my mind? Or is it because the Patriots could have done many things to prevent this and let a backup QB carve up our pathetic excuse of a defense? Regardless this sucks big time, I’m devastated and I’m questioning coaching for all of it.

The big question we might never get an answer to is with Butler being available if called upon, why wouldn’t you throw in the best defensive back you have had the past two seasons in this game? Especially a guy who in big games will put on for you regardless of the situation and has already proven himself to be a savior in the big moments.

I don’t understand it, and I think this decision by coaching is really going to separate an already divided locker room even more. I feel for Butler here, regardless of how he played in the regular season all off that doesn’t matter, and clearly the sickness Butler was battling up until this game was a non factor in this decision.

Tom Brady throws for over 500 yards and 3 TD’s and the “Tom Brady can’t do it all” crowd has never been more correct. It felt as if third down defense wasn’t something the Patriots were familiar with and that ultimately killed them in the end. It got to a point in this game where as a fan I was begging and praying for JUST ONE stop on defense, one change of possession the way Brady was playing and this could have been a totally different ballgame.

But no, the defense looked dead and heartless and couldn’t get a stop if their lives depended on it.

So that and the fact that Nick Foles’ jersey was as clean as it was coming off the press at the end of this game is just wild. Didn’t sack him once.

Absolutely pathetic showing by our front seven and very pathetic for our Malcolm Butler deprived secondary. Everyone sucked I’d say except for Stephon Gilmore who I think really stepped up on Jeffrey and played outstanding.

But just like on offense one guy can’t be the only one doing their job.

So it’s now 4am and I have to be up in an hour.

This will be my only and final statement about the game for any friends or family reading this. This loss shouldn’t hurt to me as bad as it does. But I’m absolutely devastated and this Super Bowl is going to be extremely hard for me to digest. I could go on for hours about this game but that’d be unhealthy.

I have been a football guy 365 days of the year since as long ago as I can possibly remember. My life literally revolves around this team. I look forward to one thing the most in this world to make me happy and give me something to really look forward to at the end of my weeks and that’s Patriots football.

So to most it’s oh well, the Patriots still have 5 championships, they played a better game than us and deserved it more than the Patriots did. Which is an 100% correct statement. But just respect the football guys out there who are heavily invested in this team and just got their hearts ripped out in what looked like the ugliest way possible.

See you all during baseball season, much love!

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