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February 6, 2018 by adamburt13

Written by Adam Burt

News and rumors have been swirling around New England today that Patriots OC Josh McDaniels has decided not to become the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

Oh it’s true, its DAMN true! (Word to Kurt Angle)

This could mean many different things regarding the patriots future. But Is this news simply because Kraft buttered him up with a more lucrative deal? Or maybe its due to the fact that Belichick has told somebody that within the next few years he is on his way out the door and Josh wants to be the one to attempt to replace the hoodie? All I know is all of these post Belichick era thoughts scare the hell out of me. And it is for sure not what I or any other Patriots fans needed circulating around our brains just 2 days after a Super Bowl loss. With the news of Matt Patricia leaving for Detroit, half of our coaching staff on their way out, AND Rob Gronkowski contemplating whether or not he’s going to continue playing football, it’s becoming an all around nightmare for the Patriots.

All I have got to say to Patriots fans is that it’s going to be an interesting offseason and soon enough we are going to have a lot of new faces around here in New England. Will Belichick and Brady ride off into the sunset together? Or will one stick around just a little longer than the other? In reality none of us will find out until they do it, so we can have fun guessing up until that point. And when that point comes, at least we still have good ole Josh McDaniels sticking around to help us out. But one thing is for sure, nobody can want to coach under Jim Irsay in Indianapolis and this is absolutely HILARIOUS news.


Sucks to suck Indy LOL.



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