J.D. Martinez finally inks deal to join Red Sox

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February 19, 2018 by adamburt13

Written by Adam Burt

After a few months of back and forth reports, two sides negotiating, and a whole lot of rumors J.D. Martinez has finally signed a deal with the Boston Red Sox. And oh man does that sound beautiful to say. This is a 5 year contract worth $110M (50M first two seasons) with an opt out after 2 years. The deal is incredible news for all Red Sox fans. Boston has finally landed the big bat their lineup has desperately been missing since the departure of David Ortiz.

Dave Dombrowski knowingly stuck to his guns and waited this process out until last minute knowing the Red Sox clearly were the best situation and offer for Martinez. I think $110M is a great price for a guy who will be turning 31 in August. Martinez is going to see a whole lot of DH for Boston for the most part but will he live up to the high expectations of the Boston Red Sox fanbase? Well considering he bashed 45 homers and hit above .300 in 2017 I would certainly like to think he will crank some bombs.

I do believe this signing really helps keep the Red Sox as a contender against the Yankees in the AL east now. Martinez’ big bat amongst the mix of young talent and great pitching is really going to be exciting to watch for Red Sox Fans. Boston also recently brought back Infielder Eduardo Nunez who will be a very key piece to the Red Sox offense and play a great filler role if infield injuries occur throughout the duration of the 2018 season. Mitch Moreland also returned to Boston which gives the Red Sox a good amount of flexibility. Say an outfielder has an injury or needs a day of rest J.D. Martinez can play right filed while moving Hanley Ramirez to DH and have Moreland play first. So again Moreland, Nunez and Martinez really give this team great options to move around the lineup based on matchups throughout the season. Alex Cora has got to be feeling confident with this group of guys.

And I’m confident in Alex Cora. I think now that all of these offseason rumors are over with and J.D. Martinez is officially inked as a member of the Boston Red Sox. This team is ready to dial in and work to be a more consistent team with a more positive clubhouse attitude heading into the 2018 season.

So The Yankees can have their Stanton. I’ll take my J.D. Martinez on an incredible deal to help this Red Sox team battle back to the postseason.







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