WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 predictions

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February 25, 2018 by coachcarter717

(Courtesy of WWE.com)


Written by Carter Cotrupi

In a short and sweet WWE Predictions article, the three amigos (Shawn Eaton, Adam Burt, Carter Cotrupi) take a look at a rather lackluster Elimination Chamber PPV event. One of the last brand-exclusive events might throw us some curveballs, but it would not be a tragedy to miss if the football season was still kicking.


Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs The Miztourage (Pre-Show)

SE: Can’t see The Club losing here to the two main jobbers on Raw unless The Revival come out to mess with them once again. The Club (C+)

AB: I’m rolling with the bbbboyz and taking the good brothers in this pre-show match to “too sweet” their way to a victory. Gallows & Anderson (C-)

CC: What’s the point of reuniting The Balor Club if they’re just going to keep filling in the first ten minutes of every Raw? Gallows & Anderson stomp out the jobbers in record time and move onto calling bigger stars “nerds”. The Good Brothers (C).


Asuka vs Nia Jax

SE: Asuka will not lose her streak to Nia at Elimination Chamber that is just fact at this point. Will be a slow hard-hitting match to show that Asuka cannot be stopped. Asuka (C-)

AB: I think this match will be a little bit better than people would expect. But then again, I don’t think there is going to be a whole lot in this one that would really give us a ‘wow’ effect like we haven’t seen before as fans. Snooze match of the night. Asuka (D+)

CC: Asuka wins because that’s the only thing that makes sense. Asuka (C+)


“Woken” Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt

SE: I honestly think this might be the best match of the night solely because other that Asuka’s match it’s the only Singles bout on the card. Expect Wyatt and Hardy to throw everything they got into this match leading into Mania. Wyatt (B+)

AB: I’m curious to see how they do this and if they add anything weird to this match as its now been elevated to the scene of a pay per view. I think this match is going to go to Hardy in the end because Bray has been pretty dead apart from this feud and gains nothing from this. Matt Hardy (C-)

CC: I love the br-…er, “Woken” Matt Hardy gimmick. But unfortunately it’s becoming stale very quickly with it’s entire lifespan spent on Bray “going nowhere anytime soon” Wyatt. Give Wyatt the win because he’s the younger superstar who needs a push. Let Hardy roam free around Raw and keep playing chess with goldfish. Wyatt (C).


Tag Team Title Match- Cesaro & Sheamus (c) vs Titus Worldwide

SE: Titus Worldwide got a fluke victory on Raw to set them up for a title shot. I see The Bar running through them fairly easily in a fun match. I really want to see Apollo shine here, potentially showing the higher ups how good he really is. The Bar (B-)

AB: This match makes me laugh. Cesaro/Sheamus (D+)

CC: Sure, give Titus Worldwide the fluke win on Raw. But please, PLEASE don’t discredit all that Cesaro & Sheamus have done for the Raw tag titles just to pull a fast one on the audience. The Bar (C+)


Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

SE: This match is gonna be sort of like the Gauntlet match, but without 50 minutes of excellence. Just an hour of “meh”. I feel like this will be the best chamber match in a decade. The Star power is there, and all 7 guys have a story to build going into Mania. I can’t see Roman not winning apart from Braun taking the Chamber on his shoulder and throwing it into the Ocean. Reigns 😦 (A-)

AB: After recently seeing some of the singles action on Monday Night Raw I have no doubt that these competitors will give it their all to put on an exciting match. That being said this is the most predictable match of all time so I’m already kind of disappointed with how it’s going to end before it’s even happened. Roman Reigns (B+)

CC: If I don’t see Strowman throw each competitor through their respective chambers, then this will all be for nothing. Because it’s so obvious that Reigns is going to meet Lesnar at WrestleMania, I’m going to say that in a bizarre way, WWE will give the victory to Seth Rollins. However, over the course of the next month, Reigns will somehow wiggle his way back into the title picture because of Rollins dropping his opportunity for a “medical” reason or another. Or it becomes a triple-threat. Either or. Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins (B+)


Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

SE: “First ever ___” is getting a little annoying now but for I am a little excited to see how they will use the Chamber for the women. I feel like Alexa will finally lose the belt to Sasha who has been the most impressive wrestler on the Roster recently, other than maybe Seth and AJ. Sasha (B-)

AB: The hype around this match would have been greater for me if the Raw woman’s division consisted of more than 10 superstars. We have pretty much seen all the spots between these women and I think any pick besides Alexa Bliss here is a huge reach. Alexa Bliss (C)

CC: Check another “first ever” off the list. But seriously, women’s wrestling has come a long way since the days of posing on the sidelines while their male counterparts hogged the spotlight. If there are two women that deserve to win in the chamber, it’s Alexa and Sasha. For the sake of continuity heading into WrestleMania, I’m thinking Bliss retains after cheating Banks out of the victory. Banks turns fully Heel in return. Bliss (B)


Rhonda Rousey’s Official WWE Contract Signing

CC: Ten minutes total. Nine of which is spent with several camera angles on Rousey pointing at the WrestleMania sign. She stands still for so long that her body is permanently stuck in that statuesque pose. Her WWE career is over before it starts. A+ camera work though. Rousey (One End-of-Smackdown Batista thumbs down)



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