Bullpen carts are back?

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March 14, 2018 by adamburt13

Written by Adam Burt

So the MLB has announced that bullpen carts are making a nostalgic return in hopes to speed up the game of baseball. Bullpen carts haven’t been around the MLB since the 70’s and 80’s so I personally don’t remember seeing most of these carts in action. But if I’m about to start seeing these things whip around I think they should think about a few things.

The first thing being will this really speed up the overall time of a game? I would like to think that the ride for a pitcher from the bullpen to the mound on a cart vs the old jog really would only trim down a second or two. So to me this is just laziness and ultimately a failed attempt at trying to speed up the game of baseball.

Think about it, say you’re watching a closing pitcher being driven down to the mound in a goofy looking golf cart during a crucial game in say the 8th or 9th inning. As a batter waiting to take the plate are you even intimidated for a second? I wouldn’t be.

At least not compared to how rattled I would be seeing the opposing teams manager signal to the bullpen for a dominant closer and watching whomever trot to the field to their own theme song. Nothing screams it’s over in baseball quite like watching players such as Mariano Rivera slowly run to the mound to the sound of “Enter Sandman” echoing throughout Yankee Stadium or Craig Kimbrel and “Welcome to the jungle” just to give a few examples.

So without a doubt I believe the bullpen carts should be for relief pitchers and relief pitchers only in the earlier innings. I don’t want to see any closing pitchers taking a ride in a bullpen cart to the mound and I would like to think many others would agree with this. Chilling baseball moments in the closing innings of games wouldn’t have close to the same impact if they were to just take a casual ride to the mound in a cart. As for the others who might be using the carts, these players could add a little twist to this thing if they are allowed to get fans more excited for their entry. This could be difficult if the ultimate goal is to trim down the time of a baseball game but we will see, I’ve got some ideas.

1. Let closers have the option to drive the carts themselves down to the mound with a group of teammates TURNING UP in the cart before bringing it back.

2. Let the players use props for their entry if they are winning to make it more of an electric act. Maybe things like a boombox, sledgehammer, rally towels or legit anything. (Add some pyro)

3. Play the music of the players choice for the entry but make sure it is well heard by all in attendance. Maybe give the player an aux cord or bluetooth connection to the stadium speakers to get things turnt up a little.

4. If you are losing the game and have to send in relief to the mound to bail you out of a situation it should just be a plain boring ride with no music, Just dial in and get the job done.

So at the end of all that to wrap things up bullpen carts are back with some teams in the MLB and I actually don’t have a 5th idea, just the ones above because I realized that none of that is likely to happen considering this is baseball and not the WWE.

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