Who is to credit for the Red Sox hot start?

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April 24, 2018 by adamburt13

Written by Adam Burt

The Boston Red Sox are currently the best team in baseball record wise and are off to an incredible (17-4) start to the season as we near the end of April. While on this incredible run there is one thing that seems completely different about this clubhouse compared to last season and it’s obvious… They are having a fun time playing baseball and enjoy showing up to work everyday. But why is this?

The talent on the field for this team is identical to last years Red Sox team beside the addition of the slugging outfielder J.D. Martinez who has seen a lot of time as the Red Sox’ DH with some outfield play mixed in. But it’s not Martinez coming in that should be credited for this hot start although being a key piece to the puzzle that was missing in the Sox lineup last season. It’s without question Alex Cora.

Alex Cora coming into this clubhouse to replace John Farrell might be one of the greatest decisions this team has made over the past few seasons. The Puerto Rican native can speak multiple languages and relate to the players more than the likes of a John Farrell, and it was clear the players of this Red Sox team weren’t having fun playing for Farrell but with Cora so far this season it’s a completely different feeling. He’s in the managerial role but is for sure just one of the boys.

I believe Cora is as real as they come when it comes down to dealing with the media, he doesn’t beat around or avoid the hard hitting questions which is huge. He expects this team to admit when they make mistakes and while doing so he admits to his mishaps as a manager as well and leads by example. This was something a lot of fans and Boston sports media felt Farrell could have done better because he mostly just talked like a robot during press conferences and post game interviews. 

On top of all that Cora always seems calm and confident in the dugout throughout the duration of games. I think a lot of players respect that and it’s clearly bringing out the best in this young ball club. Just little things like knowing how to speak to media, or organizing things like showing up on game day in suits as a team, or letting the guys play fortnite in the locker room, whatever it may be to make these guys bond better and have fun it’s working. His in depth baseball knowledge mixed with his laid back fun personality is exactly what this young ball club needed most. 

Alex Cora before the season started had stated that this team was going to enjoy, and celebrate winning baseball games because it’s hard to win in this league. and so far thats all they have seemed to be doing. So hats off to Cora for coming back to Boston this time as a manager, sticking with his game-plan and what he believed would work with these guys and really bringing out the best in a clubhouse most fans know is very talented, but was previously improperly managed.

158-4 is still on the table folks enjoy this team.

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