Two Minute Warning- Weeks 3 and 4 (2018)

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October 7, 2018 by coachcarter717

(Cover image created by Adam Burt/The NoseBleeds)

By Carter Cotrupi

I have a confession. From one football fan to another. You, the reader. I didn’t miss putting out Week 3’s “Two Minute Warning” article by accident. I’m just depressed. David Johnson is proving to be the worst #3 overall fantasy draft pick in history, David Cook can’t run past the line of scrimmage, and the magic behind Fitzmagic died when I picked him up off the wire.

Regardless of my pitiful 1-3 start to the season, the show must go on. And there are 11 other teams to focus on as we get into the action with a special two-week edition of “Two Minute Warning”.


NFFL Standings (After Week 4, since Week 2)

1.Squish (3-1, +3)

Squish has led the NFFL in total points scored since Week 1. It was only a matter of time before he took his place at the top of the board.

  1. my f**king sick team (3-1, +1)
  2. Free Kaepernick (3-1, +5)
  3. Diddler on the Roof (3-1, +1)
  4. Wreck League (3-1, -3)
  5. Deez Nuts (2-2, +3)
  6. Is Joe Flacco Elite? (2-2, -1)
  7. Titsburgh Feelers (2-2, -7)

A couple tough weeks against two powerhouse teams (Wreck League and my f**king sick team) sees Titsburgh Feelers take a tumble down the standings. With a roster that includes the likes of Saquon Barkley and AJ Green, things should turn around in no time.

  1. Jimmy is My Homie G. (1-3, –)
  2. Straight Cash Homie (1-3, +2)
  3. Sunday Funday (1-3, -1)
  4. Brian’s Team (0-4, -1)


Standout Stars

Cooper Kupp (37.20 points-Week 4): The immediate connection between Kupp and the rookie Goff last year was nothing that blew up the media, but it was a sign of great things to come. In the Rams’ thrashing of a shocked Vikings defense, Kupp put up ridiculous numbers for a fantasy receiver: 9 receptions for 162 yards and 2 TDs. With all the attention on Brandin Cooks, Kupp had a field day picking up the lesser coverage, including a 70-yard TD where Vikings LB Anthony Barr was in coverage. Yikes.

Marcus Mariota (31.36 points- Week 4): Coming off of an elbow injury and still not at 100%, the odds were against the third-year budding QB when the Titans went to battle the defending Superbowl Champions. But sometimes adversity brings out the best in people, and that much was apparent when Mariota led the Titans to 26-23 comeback victory in overtime. He threw one bad interception but made up for it with his arm and legs, passing for 344 yards and 2 TDs and crossing the goal line with his own two feet on one occasion.

Matt Ryan (40.16 points- Week 3): I knew the New Orleans defense was bad, but not 374 passing yards and FIVE TOUCHDOWNS bad. Ryan came back down to earth in Week 4 with a measly 29.26-point performance, but the damage was already done.


Sitdown Stooges

Dan Bailey and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings team in Week 3 (0.00 points): A 27-6 loss to the Buffalo Bills. What more is there to say?

Jordan Howard (2.50 points): Unfortunately for Howard, the Bears’ 48-10 obliteration of the Buccaneers did not include him in the game script once the score went past 30. The Chicago coaching staff looked pretty comfortable putting Tarik Cohen in for the majority of the snaps in this barn-burner. Was this a fluke, or is Howard part of a committee now?

LeGarrette Blount (1.20 points): As a former Blount fantasy owner myself, I can confidently say that most of his fantasy value comes from his knack of hitting paydirt at the goal line. However, Blount has yet to find the endzone this season and the Lions clearly have no faith in their running game, keeping Matthew Stafford and the passing offense plenty busy. In short, the Lions faced a decent defense in the Dallas Cowboys and the running game was almost nonexistent.


Week 3 Match of the Week: Diddler on the Roof (89.94 vs 87.66) Is Joe Flacco Elite?

In hindsight, Jesse’s decision to leave in Jay Ajayi in the starting lineup while he was out in Week 3 with a back injury proved to be a costly one. There was not much else Mike could have done to improve his point total in Week 3, meaning the matchup came down to the decision to leave Jamison Crowder (14.50 points) in the FLEX spot instead of former teammate Pierre Garcon (2.10 points), whose QB went down with a season-ending ACL tear.


Week 4 Match of the Week: Wreck League (118.90 vs 133.46) Free Kaepernick

There were two incredible anomalies that determined this close Week 4 matchup. For one, no one expected the Minnesota Vikings defense (-3.00 points) to just give up five minutes into Sunday’s game versus the LA Rams. Week 4 was the first time this season that the Vikings D/ST failed to record 3 or more sacks. The only fantasy-valuable mark was 1 sack on Jared Goff. Otherwise, Minnesota failed to show up as they let Gurley and co. put up 38 last Sunday.

The second noteworthy performance came from the Houston Texans Hall of Fame-bound WR Deondre Hopkins. Hopkins (32.90 points) benefitted from the rise and fall of the Indianapolis Colts’ organization as the game went into OT, tied 24-24. After both teams made a field goal (27-27), the Colts made a baffling decision to go for it on 4th down with 25 seconds left on their own 44-yard line. The Colts then turned the ball over thanks to another low throw from Andrew Luck. Deshaun Watson connected with Hopkins to bring the ball to the Colts 20-yard line and the rest was history.

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